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I'm new here so please forgive me if I'm touching on old news that has already been discussed and beaten to death. I've been defending the Fair Tax for a few years now, and it is becoming apparent to me that we are fighting a losing battle if we do not coordinate.

Pessimistic, maybe, but it wouldn't hurt if there was some framework that takes our efforts to the next level. I'm talking about the equivalent of a Fair Tax War Room.

Twitter, Myspace, Facebook. All those are fine and dandy, but we need a Fair Tax Central Command that coordinates Fair Tax Defenders and monitors Websites and discussion forums where it is found that the Fair Tax is discussed. Then, if whoever is defending there gets into trouble, a message can be sent out with an appropriate link to "send in the troops!"

One thing that is particularly frustrating is when I read a news article that includes an accompanying discussion forum. Whenever the Fair Tax is mentioned in one of these articles, the opponents descend like flies and bash the Fair Tax by spewing all the typical lies, deception, and math tricks. Their network is hardwired into their DNA. They operate on the Hive-Mind principle. Thats how it seems anyhow. We need to counter.

If the Fair Tax is not properly defended right then and there, the readers, maybe just a few, are influenced in the wrong direction. Then, as news articles do, the discussion disappears into the annuls of history because the news story is dated. After a day or two, hardly anyone ever revisits that article again. Just a few people at a time multiplied by 10,000 articles starts adding up however. We can't allow the misinformation to persist without presenting the truth to those readers.

We need a rapid response network to go put out these fires and monitor that thread until the news story gets old and no one is reading it anymore.

Just an idea.

Also, I'd like to invite all of you to visit my effort at Newt Gingrich's "American Solutions" website. My solution, "Fair Tax or BUST!" is geared towards uniting Conservatives under the Fair Tax banner, developing arguments and rebuttals in support of the Fair Tax, and urging Newt and the folks at American Solution to endorse, support, and strongly push for the Fair Tax. Please, if you are already not a member there, visit and sign up.


I recommend you use Internet Explorer because Firefox and Chrome are not entirely compatible with the site. Please remember to rate my solution and add to the discussion. Also, in Section 8 of my solution, I have started a "Fair Tax Honor Roll" to which you can add your name and further encourage Newt to endorse the Fair Tax.

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Well, theres one idea, lets keep them coming. The page could have the permanent links similar to the Fairtax.org site, and then below could be another section with the less-permanent links having to do with active news articles, vents, editorials, and so on?
I spent much of last night experimenting with some things. I used Google and Yahoo search to look for articles in the news. My target was to find recent articles, vents, blurbs, letters-to-the-editor, editorials, etc, etc, where the Fair Tax is mentioned and the ensuing discussion involves the Fair Tax.

I found a few, but I was surprised that it was a little more tedious than I imagined. Many times I ended up getting false hits, and on those occasions where it wasn't immediately obvious the Fair Tax was being discussed, the only way to find out was to scan the article and the related discussions.

That tends to tell me about the kind of network we need to set up. We are definitely going to need everyone to be vigilant and contribute. Everybody keeping watch in their neck of the woods, and then setting off the alarm when a Fair Tax opponent hits the tripwire.

When they find an article where the discussion is ongoing, the link for that article is going to have to be posted somewhere on the FairTaxNation site where everyone knows to look.

I'm not familiar with the functionality of this site yet, so I wouldn't dare try to suggest the best way to post these links. Perhaps someone who is more web saavy than me knows the obvious answer and will share it.
Well. We should probably go old school. Think of it like Network Operations.

1. On Call Schedule
2. Assigned rotation, certian days, etc.
3. Scheduled "watch points" / reports.
4. Hotline/Ingress for things to come in
5. Even a group mailbox with an efax number would be great so people can find articles and just e-mail or fax them to us. (snail mail?)
6. Phone trees
7. mentors/leads.

I can try to coordinate. Some of this should also be done out of the public view as well. That way our volunteers aren't unfairly targeted.
Yes, that is one thing I've been thinking about. That might mean a secure section of the site. If it is a true "Command Center," that is. I think this is going to have to be one of those things that evolves through trail-and-error. Start out small and do what works. I'm available for 3-4 hours a day during the afternoon, and then again in the wee hours as I work night shift that frequently affords me a lot of free time to surf
This is why you should do it in groups. You can have a private group that only the group members and the site admins can view. Personal info shared would be kept to those folks who are helping with the specific cause.

Having this thing set up on the front page would make this a targeted site as well by the opponents. I've learned a few things by watch other sites like 'TeamSarah' .

Please do take the lead and see if others are willing to join in.


It maybe easier if one or more people volunteer to be assigned to monitor a specific website. Example: I already monitor Freerepublic.com and could also have a few more assigned there so someone will monitor the site during a good portion of the day. We should also take the initiative to foster Fair Tax discussion at these sites by posting related articles etc... The same can be applied to other sites and then notify others at Fair Tax Nation to join in any Fair Tax related debate but people will have to be willing to register at these websites. Keep in mind this will eventually become very active as we increase our presence on other websites. This should become progressively easier as more people join Fair Tax Nation.
Most internet users have access to several email addresses, not counting all the free ones like, yahoo and google. It might be better to create a fictious name and register with that one. If it gets to bad with the 'hate' type mail, drop it and create a new one. What would nice is start the name with "FTN" and a tag a name to it. Register here with that name and join the group, then when a 'hot' site needs attention a group message to all members as a subject of "call to arms" :>) (a suggestion)
I created a group called "Fair Tax Command." Anyone who wants to join can for the time being. I've got to start work, but I'll be on a lot later. Thanx
ah, sorry, I changed the setting to let anyone join, but forgot to hit the save button. I'll change it to 'invite only' after a few days


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