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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

This is a letter to our editor locally, co-opted from a letter we received from Ken Hoaglund and Independance Caucus. The information on Independance Caucus is invaluable and a must read for all FairTaxers. It will make your skin crawl. If you want a deeper, albeit, dry explanation of the corruption in Washington, read the new book "So Damn Much Money" from Robert Kaiser--- truly unbelievable.

What “Ails” Washington
We often hear in our fight to gain support for the FairTax Act of 2009, “Great idea, not gonna happen.” or “If it’s such a great way to reform our current, arcane tax system, why hasn’t Congress enacted it?”
The fundamental nature of the culture of Washington D.C., specifically the United States Congress and Senate, has changed considerably over the last 30 plus years. They pit one side against the other, Democrats against Republicans, so that no one pays attention to what they are really doing. We no longer have a 2 party system. It has become a single party in Washington, The Incumbent Party. For them to remain in Congress, they do what special interest groups, i.e. lobbyists, pay them to do. There are very few politicians walking the halls of the Capital who will do what their constituents want them to do. The longer a member is in Congress, the more likely it is they will remain in office. The best way to stay in office is to play these powerful “games” inside the Capital. BOTH parties do it equally well. Incumbents have won reelection a staggering 94% of the time, on average, for over 10 years.
Lobbyists have found a multitude of ways to provide power and financial gain to our Representatives and in return, to themselves. Why do you think their ranks are constantly replenished by ex-Members of Congress and their family members? Retired or defeated members of Congress can command a six or even seven figure deal when they join a "K Street" lobbying firm. They already know how to play the game. Seeking favors and your tax dollars is big business in Washington. More than a billion dollars a year is spent lobbying for breaks in the tax code alone. Tax lobbyists are the most successful and powerful lobbyists in Washington and their numbers have doubled in the last 8 years. The ability to grant favors to lobbyists seeking tax breaks for favored constituents and contributors, has led to a level of corruption that would make the Mob blush. With their motivation for power and profit so pronounced, politicians act in their own self-interest, not their constituents, by keeping the FairTax Act (Congressional Bill HR-25), from being debated. HR-25 is the one bill that would end much of the corruption plaguing our tax system.
With the FairTax, there would no longer be any incentive or reward for “Big Money” to continue spending millions of dollars on political campaigns trying to secure exemptions from paying taxes. Everyone would be subject to the same consumption tax rate with no exceptions and no exclusions.
Opposition to the FairTax is bi-partisan in Washington. It's human, not ideological. It's a heady business holding so much power over the system that handles so much of our money.
We the people need representatives who will “walk the halls” for us. It does not matter if you vote Republican or Democrat anymore. You are doing yourself and your country a disservice by allowing your Representative to be in office for too long. The founding fathers never intended for our representatives to have a career in Washington. But now that they do, the special interest groups have become more powerful and the people less so, by getting incumbents reelected, over and over.
So why do the "merits" of the FairTax and tax reform in general, fall on deaf ears in Washington? Congress’ power over the tax code is significantly diminished by the FairTax. Are they really going to give up that kind of power, money and influence voluntarily? The only way to force change is by recruiting grass roots numbers large enough to threaten the most important thing to elected officials--their re-elections. It is high time we ripped away the false facade of "public service" and the tax reform hypocrisy that disguises those protecting the income tax system. It is time to stand up and let them know that we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore! Join us in telling your elected officials it is time to represent our voice and not the lobbyists in Washington. Tell them it is time for tax reform. Tell them it is time for the FairTax.

Bob Martin

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I've been handing out fliers in the area for an upcoming presentation of The Fair Tax at a nearby high school on April 17th. I'm asked the same question "do you really think politicians will give up their power?" My response is an emphatic no. I continue to explain they don't support a position out of altruism. They do so because if increasing pressure from their constituents. I then point out The grassroots Fair Tax movement has resulted in more cosponsors with each session of Congress since the bill was introduced and that is a direct result of the growing movement.
Good letter Bob. Well said and on point! Happy Easter!


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