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Imitation is the kindest form of flattery but identity theft is just unkind and very self serving.

It seems the folks over at ZapTheIRS have hijacked my name and email address to invite people I know to that site. They must not think that they can attract membership by using their own name and their own efforts.

Late last year I worked hard to promote that site but now I regret those lost efforts. Chalk it up to living and learning. Frankly, I regret having anything at all to do with ZapTheIRS while it was still a fledgling late last year. In December, I became concerned with the direction that the site was going. This event here tells me that my gut feelings were correct.

I have not invited anyone to join that site since Marilyn and I “turned the lights on” at FTN in January of this year. She and I agree that we need to work close with FairTax.org and preserve the FairTax brand.

To that end, I wish to let everyone know that I do not support any sites other than www.FairTax.org and www.FairTaxNation.com and I do not invite anyone to those other sites unless you see me state it on FTN or see it linked on FTN.

I also do not necessarily personally endorse all of the sites that FairTax.org endorses by linking them to their site.

Thank you,

Jim Tomasik


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Thanks Tom,

Looks like they "Zapped" the Jim Tomasik post already....
Did the e-mails come from ZAPTHEIRS via their message system or were they through FTN??

I'm trying to gauge the involvement here.

I'm a member of ZAP, but I don't post on there as much because:
a) its much more active here
b) I am simply running out of time and feel I should post where more responses will be received
c) I've spoken with Jim and feel the direction and goals of FTN are much more focused

That being said though I've had no problem with ZAP until I saw this and as I'm not seeing any responses to the post imaged below (were there any?) to me it just shows guilt.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
The emails came from that site using my name as communicating in first person on NEWLY formated invitations without my consent or knowledge.
Do we know if it came from the site itself (as in the owners) or just a member?
The fact the post was deleted leads me to believe it was the owners.

Well....I didn't really post much there anyway.
Just saved myself the guilt of not doing it now :)
I will forward it to youand you can make your own call.
we need to deal with this after April 15.
I came across that site yesterday while surfing for T. Jefferson quotes. I signed up - oops. I wondered how come I already had some of my friends here shown as as friends on that site, too. I'll just stay away from there.
Anytime you belong to one ning.com network and join another it automatically adds member on that site that are your friends on other ning networks. If that makes any sense.
In an effort to keep down the distraction at such an important time for us, I am closing the comments but leaving it posted for the record.


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