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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

I learned of Fair Tax several years ago driving down the highway and seeing a bumper sticker on a pickup, my curiosity got the better of me…and it was easy to remember until I got home.

I think it's time we all put a fairtax bumper sticker on our cars and trucks. My suggestion is the upper left corner of the back window. Bumpers are cluttered with all sort of stickers, there are still a number of vehicles sporting past election stickers, but very few with anything upper left on back window. It can also be read more easily in parking lots and stay cleaner. If we all put them on in the same spot people are going to start noticing, especially if they see multiple vehicles each day with the same unique display. In time the curiosity will cause them to look it up on the net, or ask you and guess what? they are going to jump in with us. I always carry a few of the handout cards to give to anyone who asks.

I've outfitted 6 vehicles between my own, my adult children, my girlfriend, my brothers and a couple friends. If everyone does this there will be a lot of them out there.

It's inexpensive public visibility.

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Same here, we have all our family vehicles except one sporting a FairTax.org bumper sticker. I am thinking about changing themout to FairTaxNation bumper stickers. That might bring in a lot of current FairTax supporters who are curious as to what is going on with a 'nation' of FairTaxers. Many FairTaxers have been waiting for something like this site to happen because it will stir things up. When people visit us, and they ask questions, we always encourage them to go to the FairTax.org site and learn everything there is to know.

Do we have FTN bumperstickers? I would love one! If not we can have some done down here.
I have not tackled that yet.... go ahead and please send me one! ;o)
I would like to know where to get a Fair Tax or a Fair Tax Nation bumper sticker. Any help will be appreciated.
I have quite a few bumper stickers here in Houston so shoot me an email to aaron.schutte@fairax.org with your mailing address if you want some.

Thanks for all the work!

Aaron, just sent you an email. thx
I'm not sure if national still has them but I use a magnetic bumper sticker on my truck lid and some clear window stickers in my windows.

Fair Tax Nation Magnetic Sign

I went to Build A Sign. com and the above 12"x24" magnetic car sign could be built at the following prices. 1-4 $37.34 ea 5-9 $23.48 ea 10-19 $18.79 ea 21-49 $15.54 ea 50-99 $11.95 ea 100-199 $10.67 ea 200-499 $10.04 ea 500 up $ 9.65 ea I don't have the funds to front the money but if we can buy in bulk we definite can get some visibility at a resonable price.
Is what Dave posted like the "FairTaxNation!" bumper sticker? I think it would be great to have it
Naiton!com....at least that is what I did to indicate the website without a bunch of extra lettering. The "." under the eclamationpoint being the dot for .com

GREAT IDEA gonna be doing that for my FairTax OPEN HOUSE!!! Not ONE will leave without one!!! I love the ideas that make us more UNIFIED as a NATION! If we all put them in the lower left corner then it will be the same no matter what state we are driving in!! Driving in mulitple states is MUCH easier on the east coast than on the west coast!!

For bumper stickers Visit: https://justyardsigns.yolasite.com/ 


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