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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Fair Tax can Learn From Litigation Strategy

When it comes to Facts, statistics, and evidence, Fair Tax wins. Fair Tax is best for the economy, best for citizens and best for America.

When it comes to Law, Fair Tax wins. From a Constitutional point of view, it is the only clearly viable legal way to collect the level of current taxes that the Government wants.

But Fair Tax still needs work on Procedure – marketing procedure.

Procedure is just a fancy name for games. It is used in court cases when the opposite party has a winning case. It is used in politics when Citizens are winning the arguments that politicians do not want. And it is used in marketing to place a garbage product on the same level as a best buy product.

The good news is that games, which manipulate people’s minds, do not have lasting power. They eventually surface into the light. This is no time for Fair Tax to join the game players. As a grassroots, low budget movement, the public will eventually discover the truth. At some point, the awareness will reach a point when a minor spark of information will convert Fair Tax into an overnight sensation.

In another words, let’s keep on plugging. We are on the right track. The fight for success is working. Let us NEVER devolve into games.

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This is my mission all the time. I'm currently awaiting calls from Congressman Jordan and Senator Voinovich. Finally. I've become more specific with my questions when I call, henceforth, now I will have the chance to discuss it with them personally.
When I joined in February, I would ask all in my office have they ever heard of Fair Tax, most would say no, others would say I have heard of it, now they all know of it and in morning meetings I am sometimes asked what is new on the front. "The Front", your writing shows us all where we came from and where we are headed.

I, too am new. But I do agree that there certainly seems to be more interest in the subject now; not only because of April 15, but The TEA Party events, and the grave concerns over the economy.
I find that many though, still do not know how the Fair Tax will work! We all need to find ways to better advertise the basic points to the FAIR TAX, so people will actually know what it is!
So many folks are mistakenly too busy to take the time to actually read and learn. So we have to make it as clear and simple as we possibly can in the brief time most of us have to teach others.
However much or little we each may do.....Stay at it! The stone is gathering moss, quickly!
Yes, lets keep on plugging. But success depends on understanding the games that will be played against us. Politicians will pay lip service to our cause, use our energy to maintain power and then do nothing but offer excuses as to why they fail to deliver on promises made to us. Democrats and Republicans have too much invested in the status quo to follow thru on something this big. In addition, we are nearing the point where a majority of citizens pay no income tax. Why would someone getting the Earned Income Credit vote to change the system.

Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to eat for dinner.
Simon Girty, I love your analogy of two wolves and the sheep. I assume the public is the sheep and one wolf is the Republican party and the other is the Democrat party. I am glad I support the Libertarian Party, but I will vote for what ever candidate supports the Fairtax "with out exception". I mean they have to support the Fairtax completely and with out exceptions.
This is the most researched proposed law EVER. Those researchers were looking for reasons not to support Fairtax and they are a lot smarter then me and most politicians when it comes to economy and those researchers (and a lot of Economists) still support Fairtax.
Mike Huckabee supports Fairtax and will be running for president in 2012. I will be voting for him since he has been consistent.
David, the sheep represent those who pay taxes and the wolves are those who consume goverment services. There is a growing segment of our electorate who pay no income tax but reap huge benefits from federal programs. They will not vote to change the system that allows them to profit from the labor of others. Soon they will constitute a majority. As for Huckabee, he has been a strong advocate of the Fair Tax, but like most establishment politicians, he will say what he thinks will get him elected. I hope the Fair Tax would be something that would get him elected. But I fear the even once that happened he would be unable or unwilling to keep his promises.
There's an old saying in the military, "You know you're over the target when you start taking flak".

The FairTax is clearly gaining huge momentum, because a book has just been released called The FairTax Fantasy. Although it raises some serious issues, much of the criticism leveled by the authors involves differences of opinion in what is likely to happen after the FairTax passes.

Although there are questions that need addressing, I don't find their arguments particularly compelling.

But who would bother to write a book criticizing something that wasn't a serious movement?
I would love to read this book so I can see what the uninformed think are issues with the Fairtax. I would like to see someone post it on the internet (perhaps with editorial comments) so we would not help raise money for the author. It is always good to know how to respond to all the negatives. This is one of the first rules in selling anything.
Can we get a list going of people to contact? I am getting on various sites and blogs and plugging FairTax, but would like to see a more organized effort. Especially to young DemSocialists (who don't know any better) and ballplayer types (who know exactly what it means to have a several million $ tax bill).
Huckabee is the only one I trust to keep his word on FairTax. Having said that, I have had to plug my nose to vote for the past 20yrs. Republocrats/DemSocialist. A Libertarian on the side. Then I find a Libertarian that I can't vote for because he doesn't support FairTax.
I have a list going for "American Solutions" that I need help with vocabulary words. Supposedly, they want to know what we want to see in a political party. I would also like to see the Republocrats sit down somewhere and give us the short list-just 10 items or less that they WILL ACTUALLY DO before I waste another vote w/ that party. thanks


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