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Welcome Ollie Johnson, New FairTax State Director for New York State

Please join me in welcoming Oliver W. Johnson, Ollie (picture attached), as the new FairTax State Director for New York State.

Ollie, a resident of Kingston, New York, is a retired engineer and management consultant and, in addition to working on the FairTax, is currently working on a non-profit venture called Hudson Valley Focus. Hudson Valley Focus is about the economic potential from specialized businesses in his area hampered by the scarcity of basic human skills as a result of our educational system. The other impediment Ollie cites is the tax system. You can find Ollie's bio at:

We wish Ollie the best as he goes about assembling and re-assembling his New York team.

~Jim Bennett

Volunteer Regional Director

Mid-Atlantic Regaion New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania

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Welcome Ollie, Good to have a new FairTaxer on board. We need support in NY and all eastern seaboard states. Too many people there are not educated as to the huge benefits the FairTax would have for all of our country.

I, too, welcome Ollie and having worked with now for several months I am very pleased by his leadership, enthusiasm, and dedicated effort on behalf of the FairTax!  Keep it up, Ollie, and we will succeed.   David, District Director, CD 23, Western NY


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