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Can someone post the list of the new FairTax grassroots board that was just elected, along with email addresses?

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Hi, Joshua,

Here are the board members, but I don't have their email addresses:  Executive Committee = Steven L. Hayes, Chair (FL), Steve Curtis (OH), John Grafer (TX), Autry Pruitt (NY), and Marilyn Rickert (IL).   The following are the elected officers:  President--Steven Hayes (FL), Vice President--John Collet (KS), Vice President--Phil Hinson (GA), Vice President--John Steinberger (SC), Secretary--Jim Bennett (NJ), and Treasurer--Phil Hammon.

Nine working committees were established and chairs selected for each:  1. Database/Information Technology--Dr. Tom Brown (GA), 2. Strategic Planning/Budgeting--Phil Hinson (GA), Fundraising--Laura McCue (NC) and Lori Klein (AZ), 4. Communications--John Steinberger (SC) and Randy Fischer (FL), 5. Membership--Marv Kuhn (TX), 6. Rules, Credentials, Organization & Structure--Jim Bennett (NJ), Grassroots Congressional Liaison--Bob Frenzel (VA), 8. Economic Research--Dr. Karen Walby (FL), and 9. Events--Marilyn Rickert (IL).

I received this information a few days ago via email.  You can check with Marilyn Rickert for further information.

Kind regards,

Ken Smith,  CA-17 District Director

Congratulations New FairTax Board Members!  May the FairTax Freedom Force begin! 


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