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Third Party with a SOLID PLAN and potential 45-50 state ballot access. (?)

Started by JL Mealer Sep 25, 2011. 0 Replies

We're on the same page. I have solid plans. Real plans and immediate plans that actually make things happen vs more Change and Hope. I also need Arizona ballot access in case one of these third…Continue

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Comment by Larry Walters on August 12, 2015 at 8:45pm

WHAT: “Understanding the FAIRtax® Webinar for Aug 2015 and

SPECIAL TOPIC:  “Flat Tax/FAIRtax, What Some Candidates Are Saying”.

Our pressure as voters must be exerted on every House Ways and Means Committee member.

WHEN: Thursday Aug. 27, 2015

TIME:  8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central, 6 p.m. Mountain, and 5 p.m. Pacific

WHERE:  Anywhere your Personal Computer has internet access

This is a LIVE EVENT.  You can ask questions, and all questions will be answered.

Don’t forget to invite new FAIRtax supporters & prospects to participate with you.

Our webinars are vital to educating honest tax payers.  We help build the knowledge base of those on the front lines as well as those wanting to know what the FAIRtax is about.

Join Marc Manieri as he returns as Host and Presenter of the “Understanding the FairTax” webinar series.  

NOTICE:  To participate it is necessary to pre-register at this web link:



Watch for a confirmation email with instructions for logging on.

For additional information contact Larry Walters at repeal_16@earthlink.net

Comment by Daniel Dyer on January 20, 2013 at 3:18pm

What if the only tax you pay the federal government

is one you don’t have to calculate or report?

Only the FairTax:

  • treats everyone the same
  • let’s you keep your entire paycheck
  • pays you your taxes if you’re poor
  • doesn’t know whether you’re poor or rich
  • eliminates the IRS and 72,000 pages of tax code
  • costs the government less than 1% to collect
  • brings jobs back to the U.S.

Find out more here.

Comment by Marilyn Rickert on November 9, 2012 at 9:03pm

I think you are right but the good news is you can help to change it!

This is a 100% grassroots effort. We are all volunteers which allows us to make our limited funds go far.  I would encourage you and others to fill out the volunteer form on the main page. By filling out the form you let us know you are an active Fair Tax supporter and will be invited to special Fair Tax conference calls and learn the important news first.

Invite some friends on this group and let's get AZ moving. Now that Jeff Flake is your senator that is great news Jeff has been a cosponsor in the House now we need to make sure he cosponsors in the Senate

Questions? Just ask!


Comment by JL Mealer on September 25, 2011 at 4:21pm

Thanks for the invitation. A quick FYI... MEALER 2012 is where I am heading, politicians owned by lobbyists and Mr. "9       9          9   Ex-Lobbyist" bedamned!

We're on the same page. I have solid plans. Real plans and immediate plans that actually make things happen vs more Change and Hope. I also need Arizona ballot access in case one of these third parties does not make the deal this month. JL Mealer


Comment by Billie on August 14, 2011 at 7:28pm

To the Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots, Oath Keepers, Sons of Liberty Riders,


Recently, Quartzsite Mayor Ed Foster and a few of his followers reported to the local, state, national and world news that I had imposed “martial law” on the Town of Quartzsite and that I had “ousted” him from office. In addition to this, he stated that the Town was under a “state of emergency”. Statements were made that there were more than 50 police in tactical gear controlling the Town. 


I am sorry if it disappoints you, or any who might like to believe such outlandish propaganda, but none of these things occurred. They were all lies.


Mayor Foster was and still is the Mayor of Quartzsite. The Town of Quartzsite was never under martial law. While there was an emergency council meeting held, the Town was not and is not under a state of emergency as Mayor Foster has emplied. The only time we have ever had 50 police in town is the day we had an officer shot in the line of duty.


His call to the media was an attempt to create hysteria and mayhem for the Town of Quartzsite and to stir the emotions of hate and discontent for local government.


Mayor Ed Foster and his group have made every attempt to shut done the government operation of the Town by soliciting people to inundate our phone lines, email and website. To date we have received hundreds of emails and phone calls, most of which have contained hate messages and threats, to include death threats.


These actions of Mayor Ed Foster and his group, is what I referred to as "domestic terrorism" in a recent coffee with cops gathering, and I stand by that statement.


However, I did not call the Tea Party, the oath Keepers, the Sons of Liberty Riders or other groups “terrorist”. I am sure that most of the followers of these groups are civil law abiding citizens who would not participate in this type of activity or condone it.


I am certain that the “Quartzsite Liberty Festival” planned for August 27th and 28th will be a peaceful event and we welcome any visitors that are planning on attending. 


But as we know all too well in this country, we often have lone individuals and sometimes groups that take a cause, any cause, and bring violence along with them. I hope and pray that none of the hate and discontent that has been spread leads to any level of violence, but I can't exclude the possibility that this kind of thing could occur.


I am sorry that these groups have been lied to and have been provided false information that has led to many negative comments about the Town of Quartzsite and myself.


The continued use of these libelous statements to the public and the followers of these organizations do nothing but take away the credibility of your views, beliefs and cause.


I would expect that any of these organizations would only want the truth as well. Mayor Foster is not telling you the truth,   




Jeff Gilbert

Chief of Police

Quartzsite Police Department


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