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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

One thought I had was getting some of the static cling wiindow decals maybe that says something like "This business endorses the Fair Tax as written." or "This business endorses the Fair Tax. Ask us about it" Then have some literature or Fair Tax business cards available when asked. Just like everything else buying in bulk reduces the costs dramatically. The size of them about the size of the chamber of commerce decals would not take up too much window space.


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Good idea.

Another way for businesses to promote the Fair Tax is to where a Fair Tax button to meetings -- chamber, rotary, trade associations, etc. It will definitely be a conversation starter.
All good ideas. Some time ago I started putting a "FairTax" fact card in every piece of mail that leaves our business as well as home. Good news, we actually have had responses. The cards are available from almost any printer for about $0.04 each. Keep the ideas flowing.
I use a LED scrolling unit in my front window of one of my stores. It promotes the Fair Tax with different quotes like "keep your whole paycheck...".
I also print out fair tax ads and put on my tables for customers to read or take with them.

Both generate a lot of converation.

In fact, that is how John Pierce first found out I was a supporter. He was walking by my store one morning.

Put it out there and it will get some attention.
Also, don't forget to order a FairTax rubber stamp. Stamp all your outgong envelopes (bills, invoices), paycheck stubs, currency. It's just $10 including shipping.


P.S. I have nothing to do with StampExpress. They just agreed to discount a rubber stamp and set up a separate landing page to make it easy to order. You can also design your own stamp for around $13, including shipping.


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