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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

We have 7 US Congressmen representing CO. and only 1 currently indicates support for the Fair Tax. I realize there are probably a few we will never get on board but I have to believe that with enough pressure we can get 4 out of 7 on board (or replaced!). Why can't we make a concentrated effort to target each district, one by one, and create a petition drive with a goal of obtaining signatures of people in each district that would support the Fair Tax. Maybe a % goal of the district's population, say 10-20%. Then meet with the congressman of that district and present the signatures and have a discussion to get them on board.

I also beleive we have to make sure that people understand this is not a Republican/Democrat issue. I had a lenghty debate with a liberal friend of mine in which we disagreed on just about every issue. However, the conversation ended with the Fair Tax to which we both agreed we needed.

Your thoughts?

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I agree. I would even like to start a drive for a ballot initiative.
I will second that!! Almost everyone I tell about the fairtax thinks that it is an awesome idea. Yes there are a few that dont believe that it will work. I do believe that the reason some Democrats dont support this is because it would take oversight and control of the American people away from them. Its a power play. I personally do not know how ballot initiatives work or how to do them or how far reaching their authority will reach but I think there are enough Americans in this country as a whole that would overwhelmingly support this FairTax.


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