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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

I want to expand on this is a short moment...

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What does your congressman know or care about when it comes to IRS tax code changes that affect your job? Let's try to get them to talk about immigration and jobs that are lost because of current right to work laws, etc, etc. If he is an incumbent and if he is either a Democrat or Republican, he probably took part in shaping the changes made every year to the tax codes... these changes yearly average under 800 pages since the inception of the IRS back in the year 1914. We would be able to hire legal immigrants and build more homes under the FairTax and we could build the homes that those making $50,000 a year or less could afford. We first have to build for the wealthy and upper middle class. They make more tax revenue for congress than those living in lower income neighborhoods. But there is change her with Obama... as we are going to get a lowering of the price of average homes here in Florida and across the nation... we need to continually look forward to build those new communities for residents living under a FairTax system. Feel free to dream to that time when we too may afford that tax free used home before you lay down your tools. God Bless the American Construction worker.


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