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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

In this case "inactive" simply means members who have not signed on to Fair Tax Nation for a "prolonged" period of time. As of this time, prolonged has not been defined.

Our idea is to send an informatioanl notice/letter or pehaps even a newsletter to those members who are not active enough to keep abreast of developments regarding the Fair Tax. We could render the definition of "prolonged" moot if we just send out a newsletter to all members on a regular basis, say monthly or seasonally.

This idea came from Joshua in Norfolk...

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Every time we send a blast e-mail we get maybe 10% bounces. I'm guessing most of these come from spam filtering, but whatever the reason, our e-mail list is being rapidly degraded. I'm liking the idea of sending a newsletter rather than merely culling the bounces.

Dave Boone
Communications Director
Hi Dave,

Thanks for your feedback.

When you do a blast email is it from within the MN group or are you using another email list? Just curious.

The "newsletter" is number 3 on the list, but it might be done in conjunction with the advanced group search feature - which is last.

There has been a delay in getting anythng done due to my computer failing (it was about 9 years old). I'm up and running again and hope to start making progress soon.


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