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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Fellow Fair Tax Supporters! I would like to invite you to check out
Independence Caucus. I became involved with Independence Caucus while
trying to find the best way to promote the Fair Tax. I believe you will
see the value of joing Independence Caucus yourselves after watching the
videos at www.ourcaucus.com or the shorter message at

Please check it out and let's take our country back! Feel free to email
me with any questions.

Best Regards,

Scott Streit

"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much
liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it."
Thomas Jefferson

Learn about our "Big Stick Tea Party"

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Mr. Streit, I went to the link icaucus and it was cute. I queried "FairTax" and "fairtax" in a couple of place and got nothing. Am I missing something? thanks.

p.s. I got this page when I was searching for the guys talking about HR25 ways-n-means thingy. sigh...
www.fairtax.org is the web site.

So what does "cute" mean? Does that mean you liked it, didn't like it, thought it was irrelevant, thought is was a great idea so you signed on to help the cause...

If you have questions about Independence Caucus let me know.
cute-1)delightfully pretty/dainty 2)shrewd/clever

Yeah, cute. I thought it was all of those things, mayhap not dainty, but well done. Saw the kids who put it together, they looked nice.

I don't know about IndCauc. Do they support FairTax? When I queried FairTax, nothing came up.
Cute, but still didn't answer the question.

yes they support a national sales tax. They don't state specifically "Fair Tax" but it is the same. Their proposed solution is 2 fold: 1) control spending by reforming the budgeting process and 2) reform the taxation process by implementing a national sales tax (i.e., Fair Tax).
I liked it fine. Looks very professional, something to be proud of. Just couldn't find FairTax on it like I wanted. I don't want to promote anything other than FairTax. I am a die hard fan for 20yrs.

However the budget thing intrigues me. This past year I kept saying when are they gonna pass the budget? Should be Oct. Use to be. Now their calling the "stim $" the "budget?" Yikes!

Guess I'll have to spend a few more minutes inside your site. thanks.

p.s. 1 thing I remember. At the end of the fiscal yr, everybody would scramble to spend all the left over money so they could ask for more next year. Nice, huh? Your gov @ werk.
I think if you really look hard at Independence Caucus you will see the beauty of what we are putting together and how well it fits with the Fair Tax movement. I believe it brings one more vehicle to helping get the Fair Tax over the hump by focusing on getting fiscally responsible individuals elected and committed to bringing it to reality.

Stay the course and keep up the cause!
All that sounds great. thanks.

thought about it this a.m., perhaps in the employee evaluations, especially mgmt, chiefs, etc, part of their yearly would be a reduction in the budget. Many folk pad their evaluations to get bigger bonuses.

also note at IRS we never had "quality" & "quantity" at the same time.


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