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Congressman Price's moderator was very blatant about not calling on anyone with a FairTax hat or shirt on. That is what moderators do, they try to avoid citizens with whom they have a difference of opinion.
The question then is, should we, as Fairtax supporters, attend TownHall meetings without our colors, or should we have one or two people not wear the colors and hope they get selected to ask questions concerning the FairTax?

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Well, someone could go to the opposite extreme... perhaps where a Obama sweatshirt and so forth, or the T-shirt de joure of whatever issue that Price is in favor of.
I would not be surprised at all to learn that one of Price's aides gave a few words of "direction" to the moderator to avoid certain issues. Maybe it's as simple as having one person sitting near the front who is not wearing FT "colors" and is prepared to ask a good question or two. We already know Price's attitude- he's not a FT supporter. So the question really needs to be focused on educating the crowd, not probing the congressman. And it would not hurt to get him backed into a corner so his answer is wrong, no matter what he says!


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