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Gov. Mike Huckabee Explains the FairTax to David Asman of Fox Business Channel

Did anyone else see this? I missed it live, but found it on HuckPAC.

Gov. Huckabee explains the FairTax better and more concisely and accurately than anyone I've ever heard!

It's obvious that Mike Huckabee understands how the FairTax could and should work and that we need to eliminate the 16th Amendment at the same time that it's passed!

Watch the Fox Business video of Gov. Mike Huckabee being interviewed by David Asman of Fox Business Channel here:


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Thanks Debroah for posting this information. I am finally reading Mike Huckabee's book and it is great. I highly recommend everyone get a copy, especially if you are running for office. I think he has a lot of good points. Billie in Beavercreek
Billie, I agree. Any candidate with any integrity should read that book.
For some reason I can't access the vid. Youtube says it's private and won't allow me to view.
What video?

Why is this video private? Shouldn't everyone be able to see what Huckabee had to say on Youtube?


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