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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25


Please comment at the above site about the Fair Tax article from AARP. There is a Fair Tax detractor there making false claims about the Fair Tax. AARP needs to know the truth about Fair Tax, and the advantages for seniors. This is where we can have a positive impact on the forward progression of Fair Tax. Thanx!

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Dutchman calling the books on the FairTax 'comics' is funny.
But he hasn't read them to even get a basic understanding.

Price reduction when taxes go away has been proven....in fact I was flying to Houston last week and was reading the first book and that exact section. The example they used was a tax on airline bookings. Wtihin a week the airlines picked up on this and a small airliner dropped their price. Immediately the large carriers followed suit.

And again with the 'elderly will have to pay taxes for social security still etc etc'.
Its VERY simple:
You pay the embedded taxes now a long with a multitude of estate and death taxes upon departure or you pay the sales tax only and that's it.

When people pick this apart like dutchman is and talk down the good parts without fully explaining and play up parts falsely to make them look bad...people who don't take the time to read and research think they're right and go on with it.

It's true, just reading the books can't make you an expert...but not reading the books and not understanding the plan and then educating other people with what you think you know is just 10x times worse.

If anyone...ANYONE has any questions they don't fully understand I send them to www.OKFairTax.org.
I've set up a link there at the top of the list called 'Questions About the FairTax'.
After meetings and tea parties I feel people will think on what they've learned and have questions, so now they can go to the website and ask them. If I don't know....I'll find out and let them know.
Sadly I've not had any yet though.....but I keep plugging the link!!

We're not trying to hide anything, we're just trying to get the correct information out there so people don't listen to dutchman who clearly does not understand the bill.

Please feel free to pass the link on so anyone can ask questions!!
Tony, or any fairtaxer that can help me understand better, go over that 23% inclusive rate, and that 30% thing. I thought I had that clear in my head but I let Dutchman confuse me. Can you help?


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