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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

The following is not a new idea, but I believe it would be a new idea for the Fair Tax grassroots movement, and once we put our twist on it and refine the efforts, I believe could very well be something that could set this movement ablaze across the entire United States in a very short period of time.
Here's the thought; Everyone involved in the presidential races over the past few years has seen the efforts of these candidates to put together "neighborhood" block parties for their particular candidates, and it's worked out very well for those candidates.
Our Fair Tax twist on this should look something like this; Many of us have been involved in manning a Fair Tax booth at local Fairs, events, etc. This has been an o.k. thing for us and as far as a passive approach goes and has worked out fairly well.... But What if ? .... These same groups of people strategically Target different areas of their city or area with a Fair Tax offensive operation? It would look something like this:
#1.) Select an area of your city or area where you would like to get Fair Tax support cranked up. Make it an area where your group of core Fair Tax supporters can effectively cover on foot over a 2 to 3 week period. Possibly a neighborhood of 500 to 600 homes or something similar. You will be the best equipped to tell how large an area you can effectively cover.
#2.) Select a location for a Neighborhood Fair Tax Meeting ( Church, School, Community Center, Club House, Someone's Home, Etc.)
#3.) Select a date for the Meeting of 3 to 4 weeks out from when you intend to start your operation.
#4.) Print up Fair Tax Door Hanger, Flyers, and any other materials you may want to post on doors, paperboxes, etc.
#5.) BEGIN THE OPERATION (3 to 4 weeks before the meeting) - Set a date and time for all supporters to meet in that neighborhood to begin your first canvassing of the area with your flyers, etc. Passively meet neighbors as your able, talk up the Meeting date you've set, etc.
#6.) Your second Canvassing of the area (2 weeks before the meeting) - Pass out a second round of flyers, meet more neighbors, and promote the meeting.
#7.) Third and Final canvassing (1 week or couple days before the meeting) - Final trip around the neighborhood with flyers, post signs where able about the meeting (at stores in the area, library, on corners, etc.)
#8.) HOLD THE NEIGHBORHOOD FAIR TAX EVENT; Plan this event to be both festive and informational. You could plan activities for the children of parents who might attend. Offer some sort of Food and Drinks, and just generally come up with things that would make this a fun, informative event.
- Call the meeting to order
- Give a brief explanation of the Fair Tax and Why we believe it's important for EVERYONE to consider it's benefits.
- Show The Fair Tax Video
- More Explanation if needed
- Pass around or direct those in attendance to where they can sign up to Support, Volunteer, Donate, Help promote the next of THESE type meetings, etc.
- Answer any questions and discuss any concerns

It will be Critical to try to identify a potential "Leader" for that particular community so that they can gather all like minded supporters from that meeting and help to continue their education and organize future supporting efforts in that particular community.

It would also be critical to identify additional volunteer to help grow THESE types of meetings...EXPONENTIALLY.

We are attempting to put together the first of these such events here in Summerville, South Carolina in the next few weeks. I am quite certain that the details will evolve and streamline themselves as we learn any additional do's and dont's over time.

I originally thought that this could be a roving monthly meeting for our area, but as the thought develops I see no reason why this could not grow exponentially as new leaders in each area have been recruited, trained, tied into the State Leadership, and then those leaders maintain the groups in their neighborhoods. As new groups are formed and volunteers added, more and more areas of the city can be targeted and new groups formed.

PLEASE... I encourage others to add their thoughts and suggestion to this Idea as I would love to see it take hold and spread across the entire country.

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Great idea! Could you please post this as a blog so everyone will see it?

I posted it as Blog post first, but thought I'd post it here also. As I encourage our South Carolina supporters to join this site, my hope is that they will join in on this particular discussion as we intend to make this effort a core part of 2009 strategy here in South Carolina.
I think it's a great idea and will bring this to the attention of the Myrtle Beach group. Another idea for the party is this. Have letters printed up to the 2 senators and the district congressman of the people in the party. Also letters in the case of South Carolina to the state senator and congressman for the state effort for the Fair Tax bill being worked on now. In these letters demand these representitives to cosponser the Fair Tax bill introduced to the 111th congress and demand it to be brought to public debate in congress. Have the attendees to sign and address a letter. Get all these letters in mail immetiatly after the party. We need to get congress swamped with letters supporting the fair tax. We could even have letter signing tables set up at grocery stores and wal marts, ect. It's not a problem getting people to sign something like this. As you know the people are all interested at the festivals and to get a signature and address on a preprinted letter should be quite easy to do.
Marc Bohemier
Great Post Marc, thanks for adding that idea. This would work out incredibly well for putting pressure on our Senators and Congressmen. Like I said on the Main Blog post on this topic, can you imagine going into a voting district of a non-supporting congressman or senator, having this meeting, and immediately innundating his office with 50 letters from his constituents followed over the next few days by phone calls and possibly even visits. And if you were able to put together several of these Strategically Targeted events in his area, hundreds of calls and letters could easily start to flow into that persons office. And here's something I hadn't really thought about until now... the Synergy that would be created by a neighborhood becoming educated and passionate about the Fair Tax would be INCREDIBLE!! You would have neighbors teaming up and convincing other neighbors, encouraging others that they meet and work with that the Fair Tax is the way to go, and they wouldn't feel like the lone ranger when they discuss things with people that don't know anything about the plan, they would come home and get excited by their neighbor who might have recruited another supporter.
Marc, can you cut and paste your suggestion into the Main Blog Post so that if others take hold of this idea, they add in your suggestions when they do?


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