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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

THANK YOU for committing to join a group of FairTax Supporters to walk ALL the halls of the 3 House buildings in DC. (Rayburn, Longworth, Cannon w/a total of 16 floors to be walked).  Committed Foot Stormers

GOAL:  minimum 25 , 75 ideally (for 25 per building), 300 optimully (for 100 per building)


Make sure you wear good walking shoes! I'd like to have everyone from start to finish...the more we have the sooner we will finish!

What to wear...FairTax Gear...I'm going to look into the T-Shirts tomorrow.

Slacks, nice jeans. Although I do have the "I (heart) FairTax" Stickers so we could all where a solid color Red, White or Blue polo, dressier shirt and have the sticker on it.

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The plans will evolve as I know how many will commit to WALK the HALLS from 10am 'til "finished" or 5pm which ever comes first.

FIRST GOAL...25 committed foot stormers 

There wll be 3 of us coming from Dayton OH to join you, Looking forward to this!

Wooo hooo!  Are you flying or driving? I have a dear friend in Beavercreek...Where will you be staying?  Any ladies want to share a room?  I got a room with two doubles.
I will be there in Washington to help spread the word on the Fair Tax!
Wooo hooo!!!  I'm getting excited! Sure hope we have 25 of us this year...but 300 would be outstanding!  Be sure to spread the word about storming the hill from HOME!!!

We'll be meeting at the Longfellow building at 10am on Friday Morning...

Places to stay: Marilyn and I are going to be at Channel Inn, the next best for price is Days Inn Connecticut Ave

Here is the link of Channel Inn (hotels.com) you can type in any hotel name.

I will be arriving on Thursday NIGHT 10:30pm & leaving Mon morn 4am

I will be working the COllege republican booth! Can not wait to talk to these folks.


Gooo Mark!!!  Thank you soo much for helping FairTax have a presence in DC!!



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