Fair Tax Nation

Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

A new Political Action Committee has been formed in Wisconsin with the
sole focus of firing and replacing of Senator Russ Feingold.

Senator Feingold ignored the will of the people of Wisconsin when he
willingly went along with the passage of Obamacare. Unprecedented
numbers of people turned out to his “listening” sessions where Senator
Feingold did not listen to Wisconsin voters.

Fire Feingold Pac is fully committed to firing and replacing Senator
Russ Feingold.

We support only those candidates truly committed to:

* Fiscal Responsibility
* Constitutional Principles
* Accountability to Voters

To learn more and to help please visit, firefeingold.org

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Shane,We have been talking to Feingold for about 6 months now about the FairTax. He has been receptive to it,and his office has contacted us for more information.As you know Rob Taylor is the only candidate that endorses the FairTax.Wall and Westgate won't even give us anytime.Also Shane the FairTax is non partision. I respect and back most of what the ECTP does but I feel this post should not be in with the FairTax as long as Feingold is sitting down with us here in the Chippewa Valley and is still asking for for info and the questions being brought up by him and his staff entails more than talking points,and as a matter of fact at his listening session in Fall Creek he had to correct someone about the difference between the FairTax and a VAT.
Thanks Jerry
The Fire Feingold group is a new non-partisan group. And while part of me is glad he may be looking to get on board with the Fair Tax, in the back of my mind I must recognize that he would be amongst the first to find a way around it should it become law.

I am not really sure what the republican candidate's hold up's are in getting on board but I suspect if they knew what it was they would be easier to get on board than Feingold. I doubt I have much swaying power with either one but I can see if I can push (or drag) them your way.

Either way my post was designed more to be informative of the new effort, as I suspect that many people that are on this site would prefer to see Feingold gone and should they have the interest they can help in that endeavor.


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