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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

[Excerpt from an email I sent to a Tea Party Speaker
after seeing him interviewed on TV.]

Dear [NAME],

I saw you recently on [TV SHOW OR RALLY] and was motivated to search for your website.  I enjoyed reading a bunch of blog posts by you and others.

As a Tea Party activist, I'm sure you have seen lots of FairTax signs at the various events you've attended.  I wondered if you or [GROUP] had taken a stance on the FairTax.

The Tea Parties draw attention to America's problems:  High Taxes, Washington Corruption, our departure from the Constitution, etc.

The FairTax is the solution!
  • The FairTax would lower taxes for almost everyone in the country and completely un-tax the poor.
  • The FairTax would cut down on the power of special interests and the corruption of Congress by removing the ability to tinker with the tax code (more than 70,000 pages last year).
  • The FairTax would require the repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment and de-fund the IRS.

In addition, the FairTax would answer several other of our country's most pressing concerns:
  • The FairTax would draw trillions of investment dollars back to America by making it the world's tax haven.
  • The FairTax would make America the best place for manufacturing, creating millions of jobs.
  • The FairTax would super-charge the economy.
  • The FairTax would secure funding for Social Security and Medicare, preventing their impending insolvency.

Most people who learn about the FairTax like it and want it to be passed.

I beg you to check out our Alabama FairTax website or this brochure for a digest of information (not specific to Alabama, just funded by our local group) or explore the plethora of information available on FairTax.org (the official site, but not as user-friendly).

Please take a stand to support The FairTax and promote it every chance you get.


   -- Sunny

Sunny Snaith
FairTax Community Coordinator, DeKalb County, AL
Webmaster, Alabama FairTax:  http://ALFairTax.com

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Great Job! I am excited that our local TEA Party is willing to partner with the FairTax for a SOLUTION! We'll be at our local county fair where we hope to talk to LOTS of people!

Gooooo FairTax....


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