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  • Callaway Citizens for FairTax

    2 members Latest Activity: Jan 10, 2014 We work to inform the citizens of Callaway county about the benefits of the FairTax to Missouri economy.

  • Twitter Group - FTN Official

    7 members Latest Activity: Jun 23, 2013

    The purpose of this group is to educate and motivate individuals and groups to support the Fair Tax tax reform bill HR 25. This group is…

  • News & Opinion

    3 members Latest Activity: Dec 1, 2012

    Place your links to letters to the editor and Fair Tax News articles here.

  • Bloggers Group

    6 members Latest Activity: Aug 28, 2012

    Open to all bloggers to share their Fair Tax posts.  Help spread the word, blog about the Fair Tax.

  • FTN Twitterers!

    89 members Latest Activity: Feb 22, 2017

    FairTax Nation Members Who Twitter.

  • Candidates That Support The FairTax

    19 members Latest Activity: Jun 27, 2014

    List the candidates that support the Fair Tax. Make sure to Include the Website for each Candidate

  • Progressives for the FairTax

    11 members Latest Activity: Apr 7, 2014

    If you consider yourself a "progressive", or a "liberal", or a "Democrat" and you stand behind the FairTax, you're needed here.

    As we are…

  • Will County Fair Tax IL

    3 members Latest Activity: Apr 16, 2012

  • Montana MT FairTax

    12 members Latest Activity: Aug 12, 2015

  • Central Florida Fairtax Nation

    442 members Latest Activity: May 28, 2012 Welcome Central Floridians and others who want to know what's up in CFL!! Hopefully this will replace the CFL meetup group. This is a PRO Fairtax…

  • Operation FairTax Victory/Storm the Hill

    33 members Latest Activity: Oct 21, 2011 Everything you need to know about Operation FairTax Victory and Storm the Hill

  • Defending the FairTax

    22 members Latest Activity: Jul 3, 2012

    Share the ATTACK in the "DISCUSSION" section with a breif description for easy referencing.

    Let the Defending begin!!!


  • Storming the Hill

    18 members Latest Activity: Jul 3, 2012

    Give FairTax a UNITED Voice from Citizens all over the USA on the same day!

    (Storming the Hill of epic proportions)

    Phone, Fax,…

  • New Mexico NM FairTax

    11 members Latest Activity: Aug 12, 2015

  • Writers Room

    22 members Latest Activity: Dec 23, 2011 The Writers Room is a place to develop rants promoting the FairTax. You can post a rant, ask for comments on a rant in progress, or just poach…

  • New Hampshire NH FairTax

    16 members Latest Activity: Aug 12, 2015

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