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Comment by Gregory Knox on February 1, 2012 at 2:48pm

Holding my breath on that one, guys.  The events in Georgia are ground shaking yet the story doesn't show up in the mainstream press where unfortunately  many people rely on for their news.  I've heard it decried as a "birther" issue, those crazies who insist BHO was born in Africa.  It is not.  The core of the argument is his status as a "Natural Born Citizen" i.e. born here to citizen PARENTS...plural.  BHO was not.  His father was a British subject from colonial Kenya.  You would think this would be news worthy wouldn't you?  Thing is this issue of Natural Born Citizenship seems to be a non-issue.  I keep hearing people calling for a Romney/Rubio ticket for the GOP.  Yet both have NBC issues.  Romney has to verify that his father, George Romney, who was born in Mexico, was actually an American Citizen at the time of his birth.  There is some question there, a minor matter to clear up but one of Constitutional importance.  Now Marco Rubio was born in the US but both of his parents were Cuban ex-patriots who became naturalized only after Marco was born.  Therefore Marco Rubio is not constitutionally qualified to hold the Office of the President of the United States. You may think that being a NBC is not a requirement to be Vice -President.  But if The President steps down or dies, the Vice President assumes the Presidency  and must be a NBC.  Originally, the Vice President was determined by who came in with the second highest number of electoral votes for President, therefore, he too had to qualify as a Natural Born Citizen to be considered.  I have often heard  a call for Marco Rubio to run for President in the future.  If the issue of being a NBC was important this would never happen.

But I am buoyed by the developments in Georgia, I pray that other states follow suit.  The NBC clause in the Constitution must be adhered to!

Steven, you are right.  The individual States constitutionally control the election process.  There is no right to vote in the Presidential election enumerated in the US Constitution.  Yet there is current Federal Legislation, the Voter Rights Act, that allows the Federal Attorney General to declare State Law unconstitutional.  AG Holder recently filed suit in North Carolina ( I believe) declaring their State Law requiring  photo ID in order to vote was unconstitutional and struck the state law down.  Still wondering who is fulfilling their oath to Protect and Defend the Constitution.  

I am hoping this movement, to strike Obama's from state ballots on the NBC issue, succeeds.  With the truth about Obama being withheld from the electorate by the main stream media, the unwillingness of the GOP to attack Obama for being the Socialist, pro-Muslum sycophant that he is (let alone his lack of NBC status) and the apparent nomination of Mitt Romney to run against him, I'm afraid we are screwed.  

Comment by Jimmy Easling on February 1, 2012 at 7:03am

Steven, I hope you are right about other states taking up this issue.  We all know even his latest so called birth certificate is fake.  It was different from the original one posted on the website and was signed by a different person.  The biggest tipoff that it is fake is it listed his father as being African.  Back in the 60's it would have been listed as Negro.  Obama is a fake from the start.  He is a Soros plant to destroy America.  He is not worried about his reelection because he plans on being a dictator.  He told us that with the state of the union address.

Comment by Steven Crisp on January 31, 2012 at 11:32pm

 Yes it isfrustrating for sure.  

What goes around comes around. Have you heard what is going on in Georgia? For better or worse the courts there have said (not official yet) but the judge has entered into the record all of the data concerning B.O. birth certificate. This is the first time it has been allowed into court. The judge denied the white house request to dismiss the case. They did not show and the plaintiff’s were told they won. It will affect the election process and at this point B.O. will not appear on the Ballot this year unless he can prove to the court he is eligible. He can not do so because his father was never a citizen of the USA.  A requirement as tested by the Supreme Court way back. By the very document the white house says is his birth certificate he is therefore not eligible to be the president. That is 17 electoral votes. Some have said this is bad news for republicans as there will be a back lash; I have already heard that from some democrats I know. I say the Law is the law and this seems to be one he will have trouble getting around. It also sets the ground and precedent for many other states to challenge. I understand this is in process in as many as 10 states right now. The basis is states control the election process and anyone can challenge the candidates credentials’ in the primary’s and keep them off the ballot.  This could be bad news for the white house this time. We will see.


Comment by Gregory Knox on January 31, 2012 at 8:20pm

It is frustrating knowing these blanks in Congress have the solution staring at them in face and refuse to recognize it.  Revive the economy and reform the tax structure...Fairtax!

Comment by Jimmy Easling on January 31, 2012 at 8:06pm

Don't give up the good fight.  We have to keep talking it up.  The fair tax is the only way to get rid of the IRS.


Comment by Jimmy Easling on January 31, 2012 at 8:05pm

I guess it shows you that big money runs the country.  Mitt outspent Newt 5-1 in Fl.  I agree with Gregory, Mitt can not beat Obama.  He finished 3rd to the man who lost.

Comment by Gregory Knox on January 31, 2012 at 7:23pm

Watching the Republicans blunder about doing their best to find another Mc Cain to lose to Obama in November.  I'm afraid it all rests on that outcome. Hard to rally for the FairTax knowing it is doomed if Obama is re-elected.  Can't be a dictator without a hand in the tax payers pocket and the Income Tax is their weapon of choice.  Guess I'm a bit bummed but other than that...FairTax, America, it will free you! If you want to be freed. If not, vote for Obama in November.  And I'm not so confident about the Republican establishment either.  

Comment by Steven Crisp on January 31, 2012 at 5:23pm

Well Greg,

Where is the passion from this group? Lets get on it.  For god and Country/ Go Fair Tax



Comment by Gregory Knox on January 31, 2012 at 4:16pm

Preaching to the choir, Steven.  

Comment by Steven Crisp on January 31, 2012 at 12:45pm

I really want to be positive here, and maybe positive is not just sitting by and letting this country go in the toilet. It has been over 3 years now since we have seen this administration do anything except raise our spending levels beyond hope, song and dance, complain about the previous administration and make more and more negative impact on our business and our personal life and especially that of our Children.

Think about it for a minute. The banks can not make money unless they are able to put it to work, no one can! They need to make these loans as much as we need to get them done. They need stable rules just like we do. Except they have alternatives which pay much better than a mortgage portfolio now so now the money goes there. Hum, I wonder why the Dow seems to be up all the time and the housing market down.

We are being manipulated into a corner which does not and can not work. Just so you know, when we get to the point where none of us can survive it will be blood in the streets and it will be an intentional result of this administration. George Soros just said it is coming very soon in Newsweek. Imagine that! He is even open about it. I wonder why? Doe’s he have an inside track on a plan or something? It is truly amazing how much of this we as a people will put up with. There is no common sense out there any longer. We all just think Uncle Sam is going to fix it. Well, how’s the track record so far? Are we just waiting for the next piece of porgy bate to be handed down so we can fight over it? I am sure when it gets here it will have more rules that make it fail.

The tools to bring us out of this mess are already in front of the congress. It is called a free market income generation and ending a repressive tax system by complete reform.

The latest failure example is the Keystone Pipeline; it would have been a great start. It was vetoed by B.O. Result several Billions of private money gone with the stroke of a pen and still no jobs and no long term benefits like another fuel source to feed our economy. What did that gain anyone? You really have to wonder about the true agenda up there, and what is really happening.

How about the Fair Tax Proposal? It is a best selling book. It is embraced by millions, the most researched plan out there. Has anyone out there read it? Have you written to your congress to support it? Nope, Well, a stupid congress or senate can’t to do that on there own. They need some pushing! This time a lot of it! Then, with luck Frank and Dodd would not be able to create a fiasco and dump it on us, that’s if we had a strong economy of course. The “K” street boys would not have any way to manipulate us. Nar might even loose its reason for existence. The Fair tax proposal would just work too well I guess! We would not have 70,000 pages of BS we call the tax code. No compliance costs, you could keep all of your pay check, every week, the underground economy would be taxed, the poor would be taken care of and we would fix Social Security, there would be no tax on savings and investments, there would be no inheritance tax to deal with, and no income tax to pay. Of course if we did that we would not be able to create class envy and we would have unheard of prosperity and would become the beacon of hope for the world again. God forbid.
Then maybe they would not be able to song and dance us into these holes.

Wake up America, it is fourth and goal and we are loosing big time. It’s decision time!


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