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  • Arkansas AR FairTax

    19 members Latest Activity: Aug 12, 2015

    Arkansans working to Make April 15th just another day. Stopping the Income Tax and replacing it with the FairTax.

  • Alaska AK FairTax

    11 members Latest Activity: Aug 12, 2015

  • Progressives for the FairTax

    11 members Latest Activity: Apr 7, 2014

    If you consider yourself a "progressive", or a "liberal", or a "Democrat" and you stand behind the FairTax, you're needed here.

    As we are…

  • Defending the FairTax

    22 members Latest Activity: Jul 3, 2012

    Share the ATTACK in the "DISCUSSION" section with a breif description for easy referencing.

    Let the Defending begin!!!


  • FTN Networkers

    13 members Latest Activity: Apr 8, 2016

    To take from the concept of social networking, this group is all about adding each other as friends in the FairTaxNation world. To grow your…

  • DD

    3 members Latest Activity: Mar 23, 2012 Time to start networking.  FairTaxNation has so many capabilities that are not being utilized to grow the grassroots and what a great way to help…

  • My Career Field is ____, I support the FT because ____

    1 member Latest Activity: Jul 2, 2011


    Look through discussions for your career field and post...

    if your career field doesn't yet exist start a discussion with…

  • San Diego Fair Tax

    1 member Latest Activity: Aug 11, 2011 Welcome to the San Diego Fair Tax group! If you live in the San Diego area and support the Fair Tax, you can join this group!

  • Storming the Hill

    18 members Latest Activity: Jul 3, 2012

    Give FairTax a UNITED Voice from Citizens all over the USA on the same day!

    (Storming the Hill of epic proportions)

    Phone, Fax,…

  • Medina, OH FairTax

    13 members Latest Activity: Dec 26, 2011

    Do you live in the Medina Area?

    Would you like a FairTax group in your Area?

    Please join this group, and when we get someone that…

  • Fair Tax - California

    3 members Latest Activity: Apr 24, 2011 Governor Mike Huckabee and John Wesley Nobles, CA State Director, Fair Tax

  • Iowa Straw Poll

    11 members Latest Activity: May 7, 2011

    Organizing a FairTax education system for the Iowa Straw Poll.

  • Redding for FairTax

    2 members Latest Activity: Apr 10, 2011 We are starting a group here in Redding, CA.  We feel the political climate right now is better than it has ever been to implement the FairTax.  If…

  • Sons Of Liberty Riders for FairTax

    9 members Latest Activity: Oct 7, 2011 SonsOfLibertyriders.com for Fairtax

  • Tipp City, OH FairTax

    8 members Latest Activity: Dec 26, 2011 If we start a FairTax group in Tipp City, OH would you be interested in JOINING? (or anyone interested in this group) Please join this group. NOW

  • Greenville, OH

    7 members Latest Activity: Dec 26, 2011 If you live in the Greenville area and would be interested in learning about FairTax, please join this group.

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