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Greetings to all FairTax Nation citizens! We know there may be many of you who could be surprised to be receiving this email and may ask just how you managed to be on the receiving end of this newsletter. The explanation is rather simple, if you have ever signed a “sign up” sheet at any of our many events, then you have been entered into our database as a “citizen” of FairTax Nation and that is why you are on our email list. Where have we been? – We are still rather young and suffering “growing pains”. We have just recently held our first conference call and this is our first newsletter, we hope both of these events will become routine in the future. What have we done? – We have managed to accomplish a great deal during our short existence. We have carried the message of the FairTax to many events, a couple of which few would dare to tread; here is a list of events that were attended by our citizens at their own expense: CPAC - Conservative Political Action Conference College Republican National Committee Convention National Taxpayers Union Event Midwest FairTax Rally Netroots Nation Right Online KY State Fair Storm the Hill 1 on 9/11 – visited many congressional offices, especially those of Blue Dog Democrats The national Tea party held in DC on 9/12 - passed out FairTax materials Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's Annual Legislative Conference It should be noted that most of the above events required additional fees for things like registration and booth rentals Where are we going? – We hope to go back to all of the events listed above and then some; including a planned Storm the Hill 2 event that may well become a signature FTN event. We were unable to attend a NAACP event simply due to a lack of funding. Why go back? – Simply because we have to, anything less would be viewed as a failing effort by those who oppose the FairTax and will be most certainly used against our cause. What can you do - today? – Get involved! Here’s how to be a FairTax “activist”… Become an active citizen on www.fairtaxnation.com and offer whatever you may be able to give, whether that amounts to your time, thoughts and ideas, or other resources. Log onto the FairTax Nation website and find out what is happening in your area. While you’re there, join your state’s group if you have not done so already. Call your Representative and Senators! If they have already cosponsored their respective FairTax legislation (HR25/S296) then thank them for their support; if not, then ask them to support the FairTax and become cosponsors. Finally, we find ourselves in the position of having to ask for your financial support. We estimate it will take about $50,000 to fund all of the events we hope to go back to next year, not to mention any additional events we think essential to attend. If each citizen of FairTax Nation would contribute just five to ten dollars, then we should easily be able to make our goals. To make a contribution, log onto the FairTax Nation website and click on the “Donate” button on the upper right side of the page. We realize you’ve probably been asked to support the recent fund raising effort by Americans for Fair Taxation (AFFT – FairTax.org), so anything you might be able to give, especially during these hard economic times, would be greatly appreciated. We have an immediate need to raise another $3,500 so we can reserve our space at the CPAC event, the deadline is November 20th. FairTax.org was able to raise $250,000 in four months, let’s see how much we can raise in the same time period. Thank you, Sean Fagan Special Projects www.fairtaxnation.com


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Comment by J David Swift on November 3, 2015 at 7:59am

Go Fair Tax Nation!  Appreciate all your good efforts on behalf of sensible tax reform and the FairTax.

had an excellent conversation with Marilyn Rickert this morning.  She is so dedicated and knowledgeable!

Many thanks to all the volunteers and supporters of the FT, and may our political leaders (so-called) see the light of a federal consumption tax replacing income, estate, gift, capital gains, self-employment taxes.

Have a blessed day everyone.


Western NY



Comment by SHARON on February 24, 2015 at 12:45pm
There has to be a change NOW. The people that are working need to be able to manage their own money to keep their heads above water. They can do a better job for themselves than having the Federal Government waste their money on useless government programs that do nothing but enslave the rights of the taxpayers. We have a corrupt IRS administration that needs to be disbanded NOW!
Comment by nancy keesee on August 12, 2013 at 4:30pm

   FTN puts the pressure on Ways and Means with pdf's for a hone tree.  Watch the home page.  We really need everyone.  Take a look.  It's simple!

Comment by Billie on February 5, 2012 at 2:31pm

FairTax and Self-Respect (Cont'd)

But what about us? Our ancestors held their self-respect to such a level as to resist the imposition of

taxes by a far off King that pale in comparison to those levied from Washington. For more than a hundred years, the Washington income tax system has denied the right of the bread winner to his bread to feed his family, the right of the industrialist to his earnings to create more jobs and factories, the right of the poor man to work his way out of poverty. For more than 100 years, Washington has used the income tax system to enslave the poor and minorities into a system of hopeless, despair, and intergenerational dependency. Does anyone really believe, if Washington really intended to help the poor win free of poverty, we’d have generations of poor still locked into lives of dependency. For more than 100 years, Washington has expanded, complicated, and obfuscated the income tax code to make every man a criminal at their whim, and yet provide every criminal a means of justifying their booty.

This is not a system worthy of Nation of Citizens for whom self-respect is integral to the nature. This is a system of political lackeys and self-serving bureaucrats interested in perpetuating their own power and growing the size and scope of an all-powerful government.

But it doesn’t have to bee this way. Rather than allowing Washington to continue using the income tax system as a flog to beat America into submission, we can fight back.

We can demand the abolition of our horrendous income tax code, and replacement with the FairTax.

Instead of allowing an IRS to take what we earn, leaving us to survive on what they “decide” is enough, we can institute a system under which we, the People, determine exactly how much, and when, we pay in taxes; The FairTax.

Instead of allowing the IRS to use a income tax code so convoluted, complex, and complicated that they can decide, on a whim, who is a criminal, and who is not, we can replace it with a simple, uniform, and fair system that is almost impossible to “get wrong”; The FairTax.

Instead of allowing Congress to manipulate an income tax code, and us, to enrich themselves and

increase their political power, we can strip them of their ability to cheat, manipulate, and profit from the tax system by passing a clear, transparent, and robust retail tax system; The FairTax.

Instead of allowing a political elite to keep themselves in power, by holding large segments of our

population in poverty, generation after generation, through the use of the hidden and embedded taxes of the income tax system, we could implement a system that is fair to all, encourages those in poverty to raise themselves up, and provides the jobs and opportunities necessary to do so: The FairTax.

The question has never been whether or not the FairTax is a better system of raising the necessary funds for the functioning of government. More than $25 million in research has demonstrated that, without even the shred of doubt.

The question is whether We, the People, have the self-respect to stand up and tell Washington that we will no longer accept an income tax. More than 200 years ago, our ancestors did. Do we??

To learn more about the FairTax, visit www.ohfairtax.org, and join Five for FairTax to help tell Congress,

we have had enou

Comment by Billie on February 5, 2012 at 2:24pm

FairTax and Self-Respect

Almost any evening, the nightly news shows us scenes of men and women being beaten, tortured, or

murdered by those in power. Many times, we wonder why those victims are incapable of rising up,

seizing the weapons used against them, and winning their own safety, if not freedom. After all, isn’t that what we, as Americans, did just a few hundred years ago when our rag-tag forefathers fought, and defeated, the greatest army of the age. Our ancestors simply refused to submit to the dictatorial whims of the political elite. They saw themselves as the civil and social equal of anyone, regardless of the station in life into which they had been born. And while they treated others with respect, most importantly, they respected themselves. They had that elusive characteristic of self-respect.

And when they established a new form of government, one which derived its limited powers from, and only from, the consent of the governed, they chose to construct a government that would, as much as possible, remain subservient to the wishes and needs of the People, and forever, they hoped, be prevented from exercising the kind of whimsical and dictatorial powers against which they had just fought.

Having tasted the sweet nectars of self-respect and freedom, they vowed never to relinquish either.

And so it remained for more than 100 years. Administrations came and went, Policies and programs may have changed with time, but the fundamental relationship between the People and government remained essentially the same: Government existed to serve the Public in accordance with their limited and enumerated powers, and Citizens remained entitled to their Lives, their Liberties, and their Property. As they saw fit, Citizens paid for the necessary functions of government and, if they so chose tightened the purse strings of an overreaching government to bring them back to heel.

But, in 1913 all that began to change. With the institution of the income tax, Washington, for the first time, laid first claim on the fruits of everyman’s labors. No longer did the worker get to keep what he earned, but rather, only what the IRS deemed his “fair share” was his to keep. The rest was the property of the government. The metamorphosis from a land of Citizens, free to pursue their own dreams and provide for their own families, had begun. Albeit slow at first, the slide into serfdom had continued, and, over the decades, the change from Citizens whom the government served, to chattel, owned by the government, gathered steam.

Today, government, federal, state, and local, takes more than 50% of every dollar earned. In some

cases, much more. With the establishment of the income tax, the government effectively implemented the policy that no longer did citizens have any absolute right to private property, of which wages are one facet. With the establishment of the income tax, government effectively reduced the role of the citizen from the source, from which the just powers of the government are derived, to the target upon which the full police power of the State would be fall if protestations of excessive taxation were made. Police powers, it might be added, that would be paid for by the taxes confiscated from the citizenry through the use of the income tax.

The nightly news scenes we see of people being beaten and tortured by their own government will stop when the citizens of that country have the moral courage to stand up and say, “For this I will not stand.”

When they possess a level of self-respect that simply does not allow them to accept, no matter what the consequences, the outrages being perpetrated upon them.


Comment by Marvin on December 24, 2011 at 1:29pm


Another reason we need the Fair Tax, Here in Las Vegas on any given day there are 470 add's in the local paper, rooms for rent, room mates, room in my home, It's the same in any town or city throughout the United States.
My point is ---- These rooms are rented out and paid for in cash (97%) of the time, that's not all bad (for the home owner) because it's tax free money, not reported as income to the I.R.S same is true for drug dealers. Millions of dollars that goes reported as income.
The Fair Tax would take care of all that foolishness. Keep up the good work. Marvin
Comment by paul h moore on June 3, 2010 at 5:55am
I would give but I realy dont have it right now Im unployed it look like Im going to be like this for the rest of the year.

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