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The occult stays so, as it should. Some happenings of high importance can be explained however if the dividing line is not crossed. Saying not more than necessary and at the same time singling out the real issue -so as to bring about the necessary awakening without which much more destruction would occur- is a must.

In this text I use a rather unconventional, objective and causal analysis, to explain phenomena from their primordial origin; the world of causes as this dimension is involved with the ongoing events. Most of us are unaware of this superior reality and therefore explain many manifestations, in our reality, by partial visible causes or consequences that although part of Reality, are incomplete. From there comes our inability to understand and act efficiently or decisively regarding –for example-our actual challenges.

The USA is at the crossroads of its future. Depending of the choices and attitudes of We The People, including the actual leaders, it will either succeed in overcoming the hardships of this Great Crisis and becomes a stronger worldwide leader, confirming by it its vocation, or sink and open the door to much uncertainty as this could leave way to tyranny and dictatorship on Earth. After a thorough analysis that encompasses many dimensions of our subject, it appears that the long lasting solution of multiples- at times deep and even unknown challenges lies –and lies only- in one thing: a Second American r-Evolution. The premises and philosophical standpoint of such vision can be summarized as follows:

- In the first place, there is fact to be outlined of transcendental truths pertaining to our own Country relatively to its history, identity and real situation at this moment.

In effect from the creation of this country to the time of Georges Bush son, the historical movement of our growth followed an uninterrupted and ascending curb. From that same time in which it reached its maximum, the country started also to shrink, fulfilling the manifestation of the Natural Law of Rhythm that applies to every living entity. This Law is inescapable; it makes every thing to be born, to grow to its maximum according to the power that launched it and then starts to decay, to grow old and be destroyed. However, although this movement is that of a descending curb, it has not to be that accelerated, as Nature works at a well-known pace. This means that the descending curb should have followed a natural slow movement of decay instead of what we see today, even tough a descending curb runs much rapidly than an ascending one.

The reason why it is so is the fact that well- known Enemies’ (to some of us) however concealed to the people, attacked us powerfully this very moment. These knowledgeable Enemies choose to accelerate their multi directed attacks at this same crucial time so that they hasten our decay and therefore succeed in destroying us. This is the reason why we have all of a sudden so many challenges.

A way out by which we might have to react positively and save our country would be this second American r-Evolution. By using our conscious will, we can rightfully react against this situation by our positive implementation of a new birth and new re-Foundation.

                Before 9-11 many happenings, at a virtual level first or mostly, occurred in application of a War plan and a War waged against the West, especially the US , set up thousand years ago.

By 9-11, the outside Enemy launched her major airstrike, an attack after which it was relatively easy for her to land on the US virtual and material grounds. The scriptural traces and evidences of such an attack are recorded in her book. Many other do exist[]  it goes:


 The building which they build will never cease to be a source of hypocrisy in their hearts, until their hearts are cut into pieces. Allah is all knowing. Koran Chapter 9 verse 110.


 This verse was also meant to “lower US arrogance” just as a mind-controlled Obama explained when he traveled throughout the world, “apologizing for our arrogance”. Most of us do not see the virtual level and are even unaware of it, just as we do not understand the significations of some happenings that are going on at our own level of reality. Our Lady occupied promptly the White-House, dressed in her invisibility to the naked eye, with although a kind of permission from some of those who hold true authority in our Nations. This also pinpoints to the necessity to be aware of the fact that we have inside enemies even tough not all of those who “permitted” this landing might be so.

   The next major move the Woman initiated was the Obamacare, following the instructions her own spirit gave her in her book: Koran Chapter 9 verse 29 which goes:


 Dr. Mohsin: Fight against those who (1) believe not in Allâh, (2) nor in the Last Day, (3) nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allâh and His Messenger (Muhammad SAW) (4) and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth (i.e. Islâm) among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

  Pickthal : Fight against such of those who have been given the Scripture as believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, and forbid not that which Allah hath forbidden by His messenger, and follow not the Religion of Truth, until they pay the tribute readily, being brought low.

Yusuf Ali : Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger nor, acknowledge the Religion of Truth from among the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission and feel themselves subdued[].  


This is therefore the verse the Woman’s spirit dictated her to apply, so that the mind controlled will implement it in US, as a sort of finishing touch of a lengthy work of economical destruction started somehow by Rat. Herein lies the secret of our Debt, what we call Spendings which are indeed induced through suggestions and minds controls.

 This is therefore the Health Care bill and somehow would be Debt Sealing. The woman, this time, applied it herself. It is always difficult to explain magic or the art of handling natural unknown things to people because of its occult dimension. The existence of microbes however might be of great help as people do experience the effects of sicknesses without being able to see the  occult responsible except through microscope.

Our microscope try to explain what happened on early Monday March 22 2010 at the House of Representatives as this is the perfect example of an occult intervention operated by the Woman.  This time she was somehow forced to set proofs or evidences which most readers might understand and pave the way to the wakeup call most unaware American need to undertake. They will then actively participate in the repealing of this bill.

            The prophet of Islam was born on March, the month and planet of war and his whole life was spent on…wars as whosoever look at History can see.

Monday plays key role in his whole life: his birthday, the beginning of his ministry, his death and so on. At a more appropriate place we would explain his suffering from the Diana Complex, also related to Monday and that is the very reason she seeks to possess things and being never satisfied she always seeks more; this by the way is behind the one-world-religion concept which is what drives her and the many people she controls; the waters in which she is seated to use a Bible meaningful metaphor.   

It is evident for those who see, and may we all have eyes to see and ears to hear, that on this month of March, on this early Monday, the Woman seated used great magic to push the House to apply the above cited verse from her own book, the Koran Chapter 9 verse 29.

     Rat[], the Woman’s recruit is the one who set China against US, mastering through the same weapon of mind-control, most of our leaders, so to persuade them against their own awareness and will, to ship our jobs overseas, to develop the borrowing habits. These leaders are still unaware of all the involved mechanisms (against which they were already warned about i.e. not to borrow by some of our Founding Fathers who also had knowledge of this Enemy’s attack). Rat is also the one who is trying to execute the “Bull Killing” in which inside enemies and out seem to agree with.  “As the US map shows this country is conceived also, among many others as a Beast; a bull whose hide should be laid down (Just as the longest chapter of the Koran itself pinpoints) i.e. have US by who represents it, down. These spiritual beings launched many other subtle attacks endeavoring to lower our economy and by there vanquish the country. From there also comes the financial crisis. The Enemy uses massively the contexts, situations and natural circumstances, manipulating them at her advantage in a subtle ways along with her lieutenants.

After the Obamacare has been secured at her eyes[], the Woman moved swiftly towards the so-called Wall-Street Reform, having in between, with her teams (Rat’s and Omar’s especially) done many less important things ( like the strengthening of  Arab businesses with somehow maybe the non disagreement of some) and using always extreme subtlety so that one needs to be super conscious in order to understand what is going on and unfortunately few among us, including me who happens however to have been involved in this fight for many years, are so.

            This Debt Crisis, mainly a result of the Enemy’s subtle suggestions could be solved in the context of this second American r-Evolution. Likewise many challenges that threaten us in our own existence can find secure solutions probably in this way. One of the best way to solve almost so many, real, known and hidden challenges at once is this Second r-Evolution especially if one understand that the Enemies are pleased to try to derive a kind of right in the fact that most of them have evolved and feel themselves therefore ‘superior’ to our species which is not far from truth even tough not a reason to try to stripe us of our goods. We also, do have thanks God, our own evolved and super conscious people; the ones who have always protected us and are doing so continuously. There is however the fact that there is a part that we have to accomplish ourselves and this is why I can, like others, play this connective role so that our Body is unified for confident Victory over the Enemies if we understand the enormity of challenges and take this problem very seriously.

This planned attack against us springs from an Enemy who uses the Laws of Nature-which are the sole reality, not only on Earth, but in the whole Universe- hence her subtle although “evil” wisdom and efficiency. Her ultimate objective is the “one-world-religion” for which she uses much power, strength and …dreams. The partial naked analyses most of us do cannot grasp and fight her declared long term endeavor of imposing her principles and laws, her own vibrations so that subtly-always the key-word-, naturally, she transforms our countries with her friends; a transformation that is a kind of transmutation as the Magicians do. Take for example a little law like the prohibition to smoke on parks. This law most likely irradiated from her or from one of her teams member, or even some of the inside enemies among many teams, always through mind-control, subtle suggestions[]. A suggestion is the operation by which those skilled in this endeavor send information to one’s soul so that without any awareness of any alien intervention, the victim applies the command as if it were his own. Of course the one who suggests capitalizes on it rather than the unconscious victim. These set of Laws’, Principles and vibrations, when applied for a long time, transform the targeted reality into what was needed, thus succeeding in mastering it for her own advantage. If she is to be left alone, in few years our countries will become Moslem havocs or havens; her true dream. This is another reason for us to launch this Second r-Evolution because only this solid concrete recuperation of our country can disorganize and disrupt the ongoing process their party have initiated and install or re-install our own.




  In the first place it is necessary to understand that a Woman is our attacker. This concept refers to the geographical classification of gender at a higher level according to which all Easterners on Earth and probably elsewhere in the Universe are of feminine or negative polarity whereas the Westerners are of a masculine or positive polarity. From this workable concrete differentiation are derived many practical things. In spirituality, which is ultimately the only reality, the woman represents Nature or the feminine side of God that is to say the side of concrete, visible materiality. This is the reason why the Woman-who cries vengeance regarding some offense allegedly from some of us in the past-, can act only on the field of materiality, that is to say, on these areas of Economy, finances, material goods, jobs etc. This is, by Natural Law, the domain in which she is able to act the most even tough she has recruited Rat who is-with his people- of masculine polarity but works under her command. One can understand therefore that the real triggerers of this Debt and many more things of a material nature are her and her teams. This ongoing plan that attempts to “Islamize” not only the US but almost the whole world comes not from the ordinary Moslems or the Terrorists but from their Stellar Men, those individuals who have attained immortality by work on themselves and live in the World of Causes. The good news is that we do have partisans from this same reality, who are equal or in some cases superiors to them because they are never seeking for wars or troubles but reject them adamantly, seeking and working for peace and Love, knowledge and Evolution.

The bad ones are the fact that some of them work against us ultimately, because of a specific agenda different from the one that ought to be; the one rightfully and reasonably followed by the Impartial and Just, meaning those who do not break the Divine Laws and are in magical relationship with the Supreme Creator; what an honor to have so Dignified people care about us!

      Our conscious will and endeavor will make a decisive difference; it will stop a process of chute, of fall; a descending movement inherent to US as a whole through the creation of a counter-process of renewing our whole country’s system by a second r-Evolution. This r-Evolution is the response powerful enough to discard and disorganize a sure collapse and re-install us in a positive ascending curb, historically speaking.

Little visible signs are, among others:

-For example for somebody who knows New-York City, the growing  “recuperation” of the groceries stores industry by the Woman’s people though with the probable subtle help or “permission” from the inside Enemies heads, or more accurately the endeavor of the Woman and her teams to put into her people’s hands some of the instruments of economical power i.e. groceries stores certainly with some understanding or avail the insiders .  The stimulus money might not be that far from this sudden phenomenon. It is also a good reason to consider that all what is happening mostly, tough most are unconscious of it, is the transfer of money and goods from hands to hands and explain more directly maybe some aspects of this financial Crisis. This technique was already used by her people in other ages, as an instrument of penetration of some countries, like the Africans, who are however very different from the actual American, with a real success.

-Another visible sign is the sudden proliferation of stands with “halal food” once more New- York City and Washington DC are the observed places. Many others might or might not exist.

-A dangerous weapon to warn against is that of constructions. This is tricky and one needs to understand how the Enemy’s mind works in order for it to make sense[] With the use of the Universal Law of Correspondence with states that “As above, so below, as below so above” they suggest constructions in specific places so that to continue constructing their installations i.e. the one-world-religion after having destroyed with the destruction of the twin towers which symbolically represent our economical power in their own point of view. They therefore suggest this activity in many ways and places, most of which do not make a real sense if one bothers to analyze them objectively. The only sense they make is that they permit the objectivation of a point or the elimination of some specific cause that opposes their plan. This weapon is used at nauseum by Rat as it springs also from the Koran Chapter 2 verse 127 starting:


And remember when Abraham and Ismail raised the foundations of the House…  


It is therefore very important to start thinking twice whenever something springs from our depths and  ascertain first that it is an authentic need, reasonable or necessary, rather than somebody else’s.
-225 is another powerful symbol they use endeavoring by it to eliminate one who is their contender and who knows most of their plans and designs of “islamization” of the West and the world. This number represents the mystical weight of a place of birth Dakar where the individual was made to be born. (Or “reborn” as few understand and accept the concept of reincarnation, that is to say: some people have their essence survive the destruction of their physical body). By using gematria, a science which assigns to each letter of some revealed books (Torah, Bible, Koran, etc.) a number they apply this magic. A name is therefore a word whose mystical weight is the sum of the letters which form it. This name or its numeric equivalent can be used in specific places so that to grow its vibrations, bringing about the desired result. In New-York City , the subway system works since then with $2.25 and one can see that it is used daily by millions of people. The same number is also to be found in most of the telephone numbers of our Congressmen. It is also growingly used in many businesses, laundries, shops where the prices are so tagged, sometimes unreasonably. 

-22 Which is the doubling of 11 as in 9-11 where through a magical process the ninth letter of Arabic alphabet, in its living dimension, is dynamized so that it becomes 11.  Th is pronounced thaaun which is the dynamization or uplifting and gives 11. However what they meant is the use of the 11th tribe of Israel from which belongs their “contender” as the healthcare bill day shows.





              Our challenges are all the more heightened by the existence of inside Enemies. There are some, probably because of their own views and historical downturns, that have choose to destroy everything since, as they see it, (unlike us thanks God[]), everything is falling, (as they might certainly want it to).

The growing trend of Gays and Lesbians, for example like what many do not know, is a conscious and voluntary act from some inside Enemies. They seem to have been disappointed by the inability of most of us to see the Enemies’ (the external ones) attacks. However these beings might have been disappointed by much deeper and personalized reasons. They attack the government massively, although in a concealed way, and hold it as a key element to be destroyed, to be …sacrificed just as for the country, by introducing in it, as in the Army, these pure people[]  who happen just to be under their sway. Let it be known also that there is a possibility to recover one’s own identity and maybe go even further, that is: to become truly, hundred percent a man or a woman , as even the common man or woman is not. This is by the way the secret of true happiness. But this belongs to advanced practices whose specialists can be individually consulted.

People will point out the fact that the freedom everybody seeks, gives right to whosoever wants to do whatever he pleases. This suggested way of thinking is problematic as it implies that:

-people have rights they haven’t earned

-people have the right to induce directly or not, knowingly or not, a global, massive destruction, for example. This auto-directed right would destroy those who are free from any wrong or evil doing. If the Laws of Nature are not to be violated massively without consequences, then this phenomenon along with many others, some induced, some originating from our own weaknesses, cannot but call for this decay and destruction as the Law of Correspondence states that “as above, so below; as below so above”. Therefore it seems that even from the inside, there are those who, knowing what our temporality was about: an end of a cycle, a time of Earth self-recycling etc, choose to use these phenomena to dirt unwanted people so that to appears in few years, when this new cycle definitely unfolds, as the champions and clean leaders.

            Many other things can be outlined, to explain what the inside Enemies are doing and why. They all can be subsumed under few words: endeavor to maintain a fleeting power and kingship. They strive to keep something that did indeed slip their hands long ago, even though nobody disputed to them what they held “unlawfully” so to say. The times of re-foundations and re-structuring we live in, one of the very reason why the knowledgeable Enemies attacked us, are therefore those of questioning, criticizing and of scrutiny of power holders. In this light, the existence of inside Enemies makes sense and suggests that those who believe in America and in our Civilizations need to stand again for them, against all Enemies whatsoever, against all odds and against the true war lovers who crave to destroy everything and are therefore the ultimate Enemies of mankind as somebody among them unjustly accuses us.

            These inside Enemies are those who also instituted a non written law which imposes on whosoever wants to hold high public office for example to sacrifice his spiritual power (that is capitalized by them). This oligarchy, also known for child molestations, controls therefore more than one thinks but is in no way attributable to Christ the divine Angel of Love or to true Christians but rather to some king of Earth origin, that is to say who, like all of us, still retain some beastly vibrations or defects.

The writings of someone like Michel de Notre Dame known as Nostradamus, who is member of this organization can be very instructive. Let us take a look at this verse of his centuries:


The earth and the air will freeze such an expanse of water

When they will come by Thursday to venerate him

That which will be, was never so beautiful

From all corners they will come to honor him


 One might recognize here Obama’s inauguration as this particular moment of our history is still fresh. The catch of this quatrain is Thursday or the day of Sacrifice, for those who have the knowledge of the signification of our seven days. Therefore one can understand that Obama as well as America are intended to be sacrificed by this organization against the conscious will of others like us. We have unconsciously and consciously refused to accept these conditions and to avail ourselves to this law at the price of heightening what were subtle fights from members of this same organization. From this point of view also springs the reason why one can understand what pushes most of the actual authorities to try to move us towards imitating a “failing” Europe as both Moslems and this Organization would like us to do, sacrificing almost everything of value that we have. This Thursday used massively by American, should be shun and the country shall, as many conscious American and Helpers do, modify its relations to this day while it is striving to solve a Debt that, as we might have seen by now, might not be only from our Enemies even though they are the main actors of it. Some might not dislike the continuation of this sacrificing topic.

These inside Enemies, the knowledgeable among them at least, conceived America -the Promise Land- at the same time as a Fat Beast, a Bull (once more as the form of the map and many living things show and suggest) as well as a Lamb like themselves. This permitted the Aliens, i.e. the spiritual Moslem’s landing and the subsequent eatings of the Bull (the Billions Obama’s stimulus engulfed in non accounted unknown places and ways[]  Rat’ constructions especially in Dayton OH, etc., our highly increased Debt in a short span of time and the shipped or just lost jobs, the slow recovering economy etc, have to have released some goods capitalized, by others, i.e. the Woman and her partners and people, in a highly subtle ways).

Other symbols such as the Wall Street Metallic Bull;  the $ symbol of the Dollar which is conceived, among other positive and all living realities, as the sign of the serpent which is Satan and explains maybe many known and hidden currencies manipulations and psychological attacks on markets through people’s minds weaknesses. What happened in Greece is about to happen in Italy and Spain while the China’s manipulators subtly again push them against US at a very specific times; that of a very valuable and patriotic response to reckless overspendings, the very core of this eating by Aliens through among others these aforementioned groceries stores and food-stands.

Here one can see the livings interpretations attributed to America . As a Lamb, America would be a symbol of tenacity and political will. As a Bull it symbolizes a sacrificial, no more Lamb, but Bull (one can see here the signs of vengeance as a Lamb were sacrificed in the past) to the Woman and her partners. The use of the Bull’s human targeted representative’s body for the 9-11 by Moslem is a reality as well as its use, also, by Nostradamus for the killing of Bin Laden. He endeavored by it to ward off the consequences or reactions against themselves because of their actions. These range from the knowledge and agreement with the 9-11, (as however a longtime cosmically so to say, known and predicted drama) trying to convert it into a sacrifice. This is also the not well understood fact that the 9-11 was an inside job. As a matter of fact the Nostradamus’ quatrains never mentioned this event even though some commentators try to make him do so. For the simple reason that he and his organization had another agenda that they strived to execute, including this important event which also constituted at their eyes an ultimate Sacrifice for more than three thousand beings.

            The Woman of the Bible is of course our heretofore Woman, for whom it was made easy to enter our vicinity and violate its purity. In military maneuverings one can say that if a position is made accessible to an enemy it is because it is advantageous for him who made it so. Again a verse from the same guy shows their involvement and thorough knowledge of it.

Century 1 Verse 97


What fire and sword did not manage to accomplish

The smooth tongue in council shall achieve

Through rest and dreams he shall cause the king to imagine

The enemy still under fire and more soldiers’ bloodshed


This smooth tongue is a kind of asking permission, which was granted to the seated woman.

   When the Bible mentions the woman riding the beast, it pinpoints toward a spiritual reality rather than the material one that most commentators choose. The woman or women are therefore Easterners in the form of spiritual beings that incarnate in the physical bodies of some of us, so that to dictate or inflect attitudes and choices benefiting the Aliens invaders. In this way, many serious happenings are not seen or accounted for what they really stand for. When the Woman uses her womanhood to procreate abstract children with young men of authority; a president or a bearer of some spiritual position or power, few can see the process of creation unfolding and therefore cannot understand that some of the happenings like the healthcare Bill or Obamacare, is the result of such an operation and therefore attribute it to secondary causes in the best of cases or simply to false ones. 

The interesting explanation here is the way her magic worked so powerfully and at the same time so subtly. Everyone remember Speaker Pelosi’s famous “We have to pass the Bill so that we know what’s on it” but few reattach this drunken statement to magic. Indeed she and most of US politician, especially (but not limited to) Democrats at that time were under these subtle and powerful spells.  What are they, how do they work?

 ...Truly intelligent people will understand that the feminine sex is the bearer of the Karma of humanity, which is the bearer of the causes which later, when they are transmitted to men, will show themselves in concrete effects. A woman mentalizes the man in her brain and he carries out everything that she transmits to him from the contents of her bowls. {....} It is commonly thought that it is men who rule in life. On the contrary though, a man carries out a woman's mental orders, because she causes him to conceive with her masculine brain. She plays his game tough, and helps to keep up the illusion that it is he who has the power, but things have gone so far that the right hand no longer knows what the left hand is doing .


This profound knowledge springs from the Science of Love  a serious book by John BAINES which tells us that Love, as everything else, is to be learned and that it is a science whose knowledge is the most important thing one can aspire to, for everything come from it, or as some put it; love is everything.

So when the Bible uses these images of sexual misconduct, it points toward this woman’s actions. The Law of Love used as a Weapon, just as many strange things that call for a heightened consciousness and vigilance which ultimately are what will help us see and therefore be able to counteract many ongoing subtle things.

Ultimately, the salvation lies also in recognizing the necessity to get out of this situation, that is to say, to work for the proposed r-Evolution, the solver that can tackle almost simultaneously with all our challenges.




A Revolution is not always endowed with positive substance; a r-Evolution is.

A Revolution can be unconscious or a manipulation from specific forces that need to advance their agenda. A r-Evolution springs from the authentic constatation, at a crucial moment in History of the overwhelming necessity to consciously drift with the positive movement of Nature, reality and objective progress. This well understood Second American r-Evolution by a large segment of society will add more timelessness and more values to our Founding Father’s Edifice. In effect they are great Philosophers who saw and seized the opportunity to change the face of the Earth and History when they instituted the sacred Founding acts and texts: the Constitution, the Bill-Of-Rights, the Wars of Independence and that of indestructible Union , etc.

These Philosophers, rooted in reality, endeavored to wrest any fantasy by instituting their understandings of the Eternal Principles that rule the Universe. Rarely Earthly humanity have seen such a beautiful Rapture from local customs and laws based on human passions or thirst for power only, intellectual elucubrations; by an effort to institute Universal Principles embedded in their influencer’s texts[], placing therefore this country at the heart of truth, matching it as much as possible with how Nature works. “Nothing is free”, “time is money”, “checks and balances” etc, seem familiar but they weren’t. In 1861 America was the only Democracy in the world. As Lincoln put it,


The Revolution created the Nation

The Civil War saved the Nation

I may add that the Second r-Evolution will

Consolidate, renew, recreate, save the Nation

A r-Evolution is not a Revolution as it transforms qualitatively by introducing in our daily lives Principles of transcendental height and significance, without necessarily inducing violence. These Principles are when well understood and applied, what create values from which what everybody is seeking today (money or the symbol of the human work) will once more spring with abundance, the Side of God and not with scarcity and lack as it starts to appear today.

Remember that Jackson has the honor to pay off the Federal Debt and that Washington stood as a Model of strength, determination and perspective the young Nation needed, making almost everything, including Jackson ’s action possible.

In fact a large part of what have to be said about this subject is already available at www.hstrialthePatriottt@intuitwebsites.com

The Patriottt wants, with the participation of all, especially those who choose voluntarily to contribute in any way available to them because they have found in themselves an authentic patriotic vibration, having had it in whatever form and intensity, in the depths of their beings or revived upon reading and understanding the statements herein.

To give an idea about what this r-Evolution can bring about, without excluding the most wanted things: debates, productive contributions and questionings so that only the truth is applied or reapplied, let us take the area of Education for example. As one Master of Wisdom put it: In our schools, kids, just as we before them, are told to think without having been taught how to do so. An evolutionary way of thinking would consist in learning ourselves how to think and teaching it to our kids. In this regard the Master said: b>It is important to completely reeducate the thinking process in order to make it really creative because only when this function is accomplished can the individual think clearly. Creative thinking is not the act of “inventing” something but rather consists consists of thinking in an unprogrammed way. One’s intelligence should be used to face each event as if it were really new, casting prejudices to the side. This will enable the individual to create a result or forma judgment that is truly impartial, as he have given up his habitual sources and does not consider anything as a known fact….>P 222[][]

This statement that spring from the divine knowledge from which the inspirers of our Founding Fathers took shall be taken seriously, because of its depth regarding the exact knowledge of how the human mind works and how it should and the intrinsic nature of the sapiens we are. Therefore it should be taken by researchers, educators, scientists, psychologists and all specialists, analyzed and reformulated in a workable and predictable and reproducible ways so that it can be scientifically learned. The findings should further be confronted with one another so that its quintessence is what will be tested and applied.

This renewing will apply to many domains. In the field of Politics for example, the reinstitution of the basics of Federal Democracy could be the very source of exercising once more, a little real freedom.

The internal aspect of Federal Democracy could be reduced to:

-Self-Affirmation and Self-Definition,

While the external aspect will be

-Self-Organization and Self-Management.

This means that any entity, individual or group of whatever size volition and nature, can affirm itself as it senses, understands and likes it. It can also freely define itself as it sees fit. Therefore the same entity can also organize and manage itself according to their own criteria.

After this genesis, the Principle of Exact Correspondence will organize objectively and impartially what was generated; it shows who we are and what we want. Throughout this process of positive transformation; this r-Evolution, debates and objectives discussions will be one the basics through which resolutions will be adopted. The truth and objective reality is what must be sought all the times and it must be very clear that nobody has its monopoly.

In the area of Economics, theoricians need to know how the the Universal Economy works and modelize accordingly. Those knowledgeable of Nature’s workings can help them see clear and elaborate therefore strong conceptual apparels in order to analyze the different dimensions, components and indicators to connect for a practical approach to humane and durable Economics.  
















[] The first evidence is the position of this verse itself and its meanings. It is situated at Chapter 9, verse 110

A meaningful message which could not be understood by Fundamentalists and Terrorists who are also used by the stellar fighters or true organizers. Those who indeed implemented this verse, having the conceptual capacity to understand it and apply it are spiritual beings. Destroying the twin towers is a dynamic symbolic attack on America ’s financial and economical strength that the Enemy sees as the true source of our power. There was also an intrinsic need to address the "adoration of the Golden Calf new version" so to sow more temptations.

Now many people will ask how they could see it when America didn't even exist 1400 years ago. The answer is simple; the Spirit is beyond space and time and transcends them therefore. The Bible, a book that comes even before mentioned it. (See revelation chapter 17)

The second evidence is what is meant behind the meaning which goes: when you see these building they will harbor with pride, transforms it into sorrow by destroying both the building and their strength and you could be victorious.
This cannot be achieved by terrorists but indeed by the stellar fighters (especially SIS, a recruit of a recruit, a recruit of your father Abraham who, as already stated, was recruited even tough in a specific manner-somehow obliged-. SIS was trained by Abraham’s trained and is the stellar fighter who really organized this 9-11 by “integrating matter” (the opposite of the atomic bomb for example where matter is disintegrated) as magicians do. He is in instance the one that put together Terrorists, Spirit, the Bearer, who are elements, in a space: America , at a specific time, 9-11 to achieve the order received from this book with the already stated aims.
The third evidence: is the well known habit of the Enemy in voluntarily inducing confusion, knowing that people are not that conscious, so that few understand what really happened. Historically this happened first with Islam's first organized battle, Badr' where the simultaneity of two actions from two different planes or levels of reality confused people. The event is described in the book, chapter 8. "You did not throw when you threw but Allah did throw." This concrete event, just before the beginning of the battle, MHD threw some pebbles in the faces of his adversaries but those seem to have been multiplied as the entire first row of the Meccan's eyes were somehow blinded showing Muhammad’s spirit or Allah' participation. This of course is not the Supreme Creator as they voluntarily let the faithful think.
This stellar fighter, SIS, who organized 9-11, tried to repeat the same pattern: the planes hit the towers in our reality, but what made the towers collapse was a pure Spirit from a human chest! Remark that the Bush administration did a phenomenal investigative and preventive job, did know something about the Spirit-bearer even though was unable to stop the process that led to 9-11.
The subsequent economical recession might not be without some correlation with even though the Enemy used mostly knowledge of the Laws of Nature at a special time in the US ' historical trajectory.
The fourth evidence is the science of gematria, which assigns to each letter of the alphabet, a number. The <mystical weight> of the 9-11 verse is approximately 3060, that is not very far from the number of the killed overhaul.
The fifth evidence is the fact that the true organizers of 9-11 are now struggling, trying to escape the Reaction their action has engendered, because this cannot be waived unless through polarization (meaning the doer of some specific act elevate himself by an act of will, to the superior world of Causes, being thus invulnerable to the reactions that will pass under him.) This is the true reason behind the so-called KSM's New-York City ’s trial. They are trying to have the 9-11 Spirit bearer, who is working actively against them and their plans, in NYC so that in a double trial, one in our plane with KSM and ‘one’ in a higher one so they could  direct the effects on him; a continual failure since he knows. They might be tempted in the long run to try something else; this is what is behind this announced NYC trial that is still on hold. The decision to bring Terrorists at home, and to judge them suggests that they are trying to psychologically have people consider and start to accept that they already have the US (a part of their so called empire, where they therefore can bring people from "trial" considering them members of a unique entity) they themselves of course direct and control


[] Jizya means tax and points also to this same fixed idea of enslaving through heightened taxes, something that is actually ongoing.

[] Rat is none but our so called Father Abraham. The Koran is full of passages mentioning in elogious terms his acts and deeds as well as some personal qualities and…defects, sanctioning also his recruiting.

[] Some people have rightfully one might say, called them a political party rather than a religious organization.

[] Shows that many Congress voted laws are rather result of mind controls. Heritage Foundation and many other have already remarked the non sense or special tone of many laws, like those overcriminalizing people. The term is even a title of one of the Heritage Foundation main topic with many researchers investigating and bringing into light such laws without , of course, reattaching them to this level of reality.

[] A book like the Art Of War by Sun Tzu might be a good introduction into how the Enemy’s mind works. In this particular point however it the mystical side that is being used.

[] If it is true as some have seen as seers, that there are tangible probabilities of destructions, none of those is a definite unchangeable fact as some want us to believe. Those possibilities can be changed by our conscious will to do so since we are, as most of us do not know, capable of creating realities or changing unwanted situations. For example a massive creation of positive vibrations, a scientific one so to say, could consist in the fact that millions of us, either in groups or individually, repeat daily with full concentration, elevation, heightened consciousness about what is being said, the following formula found in the Secret Science, a book from a Master of Wisdom, John Baines: In the Name of my immortal spirit, I ask for Peace on Earth. That love and fraternity should reign in the heart of all men. That Christ should have the power and the strength to overcome evil. That the light of the spirit triumphs over the darkness of ignorance. That now and always there should be peace and love on Earth. These strong vibrations would constitute an irradiating Force that could erase the foreseen oncoming evils.


[] Gays and lesbians are my brothers and sisters. I do not criticize them. I do criticize the malignant and subtle activities that caught and directed

Some of them toward what there were made to become through mind control. That is to consider good what their conscious will and harmony with Natural Law will refute. This; the harmony with the Natural Law, not the customs invented by men, was denied to them, against their own un-conscious will.


[] One might remember the false districts given by the White house to justify where some of the stimulus money was spent. A Grover Herman Fellow in a brilliant article titled why Government Spending does not stimulate Economic Growth: answering the critics Jan 5 2010 note that; ‘According to a White House survey businesses have used much of the $200 billions in stimulus dollars distributed them for/ to hire or retain 640,000 workers. These figures have been ridiculed for their absurdity such as reporting $6.4 billions spent in Congressional districts that do not exist, and the survey’s assertion that a single lawnmower purchase in Arkansas saved or created 50 jobs.

For more information about this serious subject see Bill Mc Morris, “$6-4 Billions Stimulus Goes to Phantom Districts” ‘ Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, Nov 17 2009, at http://www.franklincenterhg.org/2009/11/17/6-4 billion-stimulus-goes-to-phantom-districts (Dec 9. 2009) and Michael Cooper ands Ron Nixon, “Reports show conflicting Number of jobs attributed to Stimulus Money” The New-York Times, Nov 5 2009 at http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/05/us/05/stimulus.html (Dec 9 2009).


[] Paine, JJ Rousseau, Hobbes mainly. 

[][] The Stellar Man   JOHN BAINES

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