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February 2010 Blog Posts (12)

No Means No


There are only two types of people who can convince themselves that “no” means “yes”, and that “she wanted it” is a reasonable excuse: rapists and liberal Democrats.

The American people have quite clearly said they do not want government-run health care. Polls consistently show only a third or less of us support ObamaCare in any of its mutant forms. No means no to the…

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Join the Online Tax Revolt!

This is important and fun to do. Go to this site to get it done.


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You Might Be A Libertarian

Keep your money, keep your guns, keep your stash – any two out of three and you might be a libertarian; all three and you might be in the…

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In Exchange For What

There are three ways to get what you want: you can a) exchange for it, b) steal it, or c) beg for it. One is morally defensible; the other two are government.…

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Why the primary elections are so important this year!!

Question: Why are the May 4th primaries so important?

Answer: Because you can’t elect a candidate who isn’t running…

In Washington, the DC insiders are currently in control. No amount of letter writing or phone calling your representative matters right now because “we the people” are

not being represented. Our



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Neal Boortz to make major FairTax announcement

Neal Boortz will be making a major announcement about the FairTax during his show on Thursday, Feb. 18th - 9am to 12noon.

Added by Laura McCue on February 15, 2010 at 10:20am — No Comments

Sarah Palin Was The Keynote Speaker

At the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Tennessee which was broadcast live on CNN, Fox Cable News and MSNBC.

Early in Sarah Palin's speech she, Click Link: Had Some Advice For The Republican Party

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My latest PASSION!

It was started a month ago and until now, I keep on burning the flame of my passion in photography. I don't know why but there's a sudden happy feelings every time I click my DSLR camera. Everywhere I go, whatever I do and stuff, my camera will always be on my side. Taking pictures with anything and everything gives a sense fulfilment on my part.

I remembered when I was in college, we were designated to do a photography session with Mr. Sparks (my professor in Photography Lesson 101).… Continue

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Liberty Is . . .

You have heard me say it many times: Liberty is the absence of government in choice. It was the absence of government that made us a great nation.

The greatest American achievements –…

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Misinformed journalist


Look at the 2nd paragraph.

Added by Craig Robertson on February 10, 2010 at 12:00am — No Comments

Withdrawing financial support from BIG Money Interests is part of the solution!

We here on the FairTaxNation site all know that it is the problem starts with BIG Money Special Interests… the same folks who block FairTax legislation including...…


Added by Art Villa - Global Perspective on February 7, 2010 at 8:02pm — No Comments

Americans For FairTax National Campaign Heats Up!!

When you sign up on FairTax.org you should begin receiving weekly updates. In case you are not signed up or have not received the updates here is what Americans for FairTax (fairtax.org) is doing as a National Campaign thus far. Be sure to talk about the FairTax with everyone that you come in contact with. Hand out pocket cards or flyers you have made yourself using info directly from the FairTax site. The time is now and you are needed!!!

February 5, 2010



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