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FairTax Townhall event



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Highlights from the House: A tax code for job promotion, not prevention

Last week U.S. Rep. Dave Camp (R-Midland) called for a wholesale rewrite of the individual and corporate income tax code, as reported in the…


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Flat, Fair, VAT, or Gone? What Shloud be done with the Federal Income Tax --Feb. 2011

Flat, Fair, VAT, or Gone? What Shloud be done with the Federal Income Tax- CPAC 2011 Pt.1

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Working Man

Of all of the myths that persist about wealth and work, perhaps the most stubborn is the myth of the working man; that stoic character who toils harder, grinds longer, contributes more, and is paid less than his presumptively non-working overlords.

Socialists, liberals, and Democrats claim to be "for" the working man – as long as it’s the union-represented working man. Capitalists, conservatives, and Republicans also claim to be "for" the working man, too – mostly they mean the…


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Senator Saxby Chambliss on Fox News today

I have observed many times that whenever a congressman who is a co-sponsor on the FairTax bill (Senate or House) has a press conference or is on national TV, they always discuss what is wrong with America, our economy and our families, and NEVER (underscore NEVER) say the word, FairTax!


Senator Saxby Chambliss is the latest example….the man who introduced the FairTax bill in the Senate.


Sunday, March 13, 2011, he was on Fox News with Chris Wallace and…


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Madison Wild Wings

In a response to my piece entitled, "Taxeaters", a reader who favored progressive income taxation posed this question back to me: why shouldn’t the top 50% of income earners pay 96% of the taxes?

My answer: for the same reason that they shouldn’t have to pick up 96% of the state’s collective bar tab. All knowledge builds upon what you know.

That evening, I pondered his question some more and was inspired while enjoying a pub meal that Michelle Obama would ban if…


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