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What we want is an Informed Patriotism.


Our natural, inalienable rights are now considered to be a dispensation from government. And freedom has never been so fragile, so close to slipping from our grasp as it is at this moment.…


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FairTax - No Brainer

We all have to make tough choices in life.  Choosing between the current income tax and the FairTax is not that tough.

How would you like to get your entire paycheck, for an immediate 10% raise, maybe more?

How would you like to never have to file another income tax form for the rest of your life?

How would you like to see a number for the cost of running the federal government on every cash register receipt?

How would you like to see trillions of dollars returned…


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An Open Letter to Congress

An open letter to Congress:


Recently we have seen a series of books documenting the role of the lobbyist and the use of privileged information for personal stock trading profit.  Against a background of a favorability rating in single digits, it all seems like “piling on”.  The sad fact, however, is that you deserve every bit of it, probably more.  You are presiding over a time of serious decline in this unique experiment in representational democracy, as well as in our…


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FairTax Co-Founder Bob McNair co-hosted broadcast of CNBC's "Squawk Box."

FairTax Co-Founder Bob McNair co-hosted this morning's broadcast of CNBC's "Squawk Box." Bob discusses the FairTax at about 7:20 minutes into the piece, and the discussion goes to 11:48 minutes. Sub-topics include wealthy who invest instead of consume, the pre-bate, increased revenue to the government in…

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More important things?

Many times, when I'm in a discussion about the FairTax, people say that they have more important - or more urgent - things to be concerned with. I guess they don't understand all the things that the FairTax will affect. I usually ask them what's more important...jobs? The economy? The deficit? And then I try to explain how the FairTax will imrpove the employment situation, the economy, etc., thereby leaving time…


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Response to Dr. Bill May's "Is Fair Tax the Answer?"

Response to: http://www.cavemannews.com/IsFairTaxtheAnswer.htm

First, let me say that I have a lot of respect for Dr. May. He has a long and lustrous career behind him and has apparently done well for himself. But I disagree with his assessments on this issue and I intend to point out just where I disagree and why. I hope Dr. May gets a chance to read and respond to this, but if the more likely case…


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FairTax Splinter Groups

FairTax Splinter Groups can be found just about everywhere; on the internet and in your local communities. Facebook is the primary culprit with ~50 different pages dedicated to the FairTax, dozens of people who have created FairTax related accounts that violate Facebook's Terms of Service, and a couple dozen FairTax Groups (not to be confused with pages). There are also many FairTax groups I've found on LinkedIn, Meetup, and various websites scattered around the internet.



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Q: How can you help FairTax Nation become a sustainable resource?

It won't take much, really. There are currently fewer than 10,000 members on FairTax Nation (FTN); I'm estimating about 10% of them are active within any given month. If we all pool our own resources, each of us can do our own little part to help FTN grow.

For those of you who have little time but still want to contribute, an idea to help FTN grow would be to show up for 2 minutes once or twice per week and share your "My Page" either on Twitter or  Facebook. If your friends see that…


Added by Robert Williams on March 8, 2012 at 3:04pm — 9 Comments

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