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It's 2020 and the FAIRTAX is the law of the land. I am at the grocery and waiting in a long checkout line with a big order, I have a big family. It occurs to me that a lot has changed since the FAIRTAX passed, everyone in that line is paying their fair share of running our government. Ahead of me is the richest man in town. When he buys his expensive wine, he pays the same tax as everyone else, no exceptions. The family next in line is visiting from China. When they buy their snacks, bingo,…


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Shazzam! Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Let's assume it's the year 2020 the and FAIRTAX HR25 has been passed and signed into law.

LET'S LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE! I sell the home I bought in 2010 for 100 thousand, it sells in 2020 for 200 thousand. On closing day I get a check for 200 thousand. I take it to the bank and deposit, end of story, no IRS, no taxes on my sale. I  get to keep all of my profit of 100 thousand,and pay taxes when I purchase some new product or service. I sell 100 thousand dollars worth of stock I…


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You can't know by looking, they're invisible!  By IRS estimate 38% of Americans avoid, ignore, or do not pay their share of the income tax burden. To put it bluntly, a little more than one out of every three is an income tax scofflaw!  It makes me angry that each law abiding person must pay more to make up the difference. It's time 275 million voters clicked on the FAIRTAX HR25, a tusnami of public opinion that will awe every elected representative. I challenge you to…


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