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April 2018 Blog Posts (4)

Firm Financial Footing

We hear almost daily that Social Security and Medicare are in jeopardy because of A lack of funding. The answer is simple, the FAIRTAX HR25. Increase the number of tax filers 155 million, to 275 million tax payers and the problem is solved. This happens with a FAIRTAX HR25! No other tax plan can make this claim. The tax proposal of equality and justice the FAIRTAX HR 25! Doby!

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REFUND ???????????????????

Yes, I question if it is a valid refund. The reality is I have given the government interest free use of my funds for a year. The money that they send back has been negatively effected by inflation, it is now worth less, and I am supposed to be happy about this turn of events? I receive one check each year, and I am supposed to be excited about it. With a FAIRTAX HR25 I receive a check each month to untax my family on the necessities of life, a feature which keeps us up with inflation, and…


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Garagr Sale Bonnanza

It is accepted fact that as demand goes up the price that can be charged increases. Now when FAIRTAX HR25 is law there is no tax on used items. so would that not mean that used items I sell at my garage sale are worth a bit more?  Certainly there is increased interest in buying used, you can save on your tax bill.  I would anticipate an increased demand at my garage sale, and I would make my starting price on each item greater. The FAIRTAX HR25 means that everything I now have increases in…


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it's Working

What would a national sales tax (FAIRTAX HR25) look like? The reality is,  it would look like the consumption tax already on the books and working in 45 states today! Only difference, each man women and child would not be taxed up to the poverty level of spending on life's necessities defined as the package of new goods and services needed in that month to live their life. Only 5 states do not currently have a consumption or sales tax. Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and…


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