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The dividing line between compassion and tyranny has a name: it is called coercion. It is the border that encircles libertarian geography on the political map.

Few would argue with our bedrock libertarian principle: it is unjust to initiate force or fraud against another person. Don’t you agree?

And yet we force people to join unions, force people to pay arbitrary prices for goods, services, and labor, force people to purchase insurance, force people to fund…


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Stealth IRS changes mean millions of new tax forms

Stealth IRS changes mean millions of new tax forms
By Neil deMause, contributing writer

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Arrested Development

The Civil Rights Act of 1964? Why do we have to reopen that debate because of something one guy didn’t say on a program no one watched?

And wasn’t the name of their website MoveOn? Whatever happened to that idea?

We are now in the fourth year of Democratic control in Congress, and they are still whining about GWB instead of doing the job we pay them for.

It has been thirty years since Ronald Reagan’s tax cuts were proposed, and I am still reading…


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Tuesday's Primary Election

Arlen Specter lost, and Rand Paul won – that is not just big, it’s Joe Biden big.

You could not find two better poster-kids than Mr. Specter and Dr. Paul for what is wrong with this country and what might save it, respectively.

Specter served in the Senate for 24 years, while this is Paul’s first crack at public office. Specter is a regular on the Sunday talk shows, while Paul couldn’t buy his way on. Specter ran on ObamaCare; Paul practices actual health care.…


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Question: is there a credit for individual ROTH IRA accounts?

Question: is there a credit for individual ROTH IRA accounts?

No, there is not a credit for individual ROTH IRA accounts?

However, the FairTax legislation totally repeals the current income tax on Social Security benefits.

The bill also adjusts the Social Security benefits indexing formula, commonly known as the cost of living adjustment or COLA, so that benefits increase to the extent, if any, that the federal sales tax results in higher costs to seniors.…


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Question: How does the "transition inventory credit work"?

Question: How does the "transition inventory credit work"?

The effective date of the FairTax is January 1 with the income tax repealed on Dec. 31st (the day before). The “items for sale” on retailer’s shelves will still have the cost of embedded taxes in them. That is why the…


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Notes of May 11 Leadership Council Conference Call

A conference call of the Grassroots

Leadership Council took place on Tuesday, May 11, 2010 at 8:30 p.m. The

meeting was chaired by John Collet and attended by all the members of

the Council, including Terry Stockham as a non-voting member, and by

Sean Matula. There were three items on the agenda, but due to time, the only one that was reached was the Strategic Plan.

The Outline of a Framework Document for the Strategic Plan had been…

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Kill the VAT (Valued-added Tax)!

Are you worried about the continued talk in Washington about the VAT as lawmakers look for ways to get more of your money? You should be. If the VAT comes into being, it could be the end for the FairTax. Americans for FairTaxation has made it easy for you to tell your Senators and Congressman that you don't like it and won't stand for it! Go to www.fairtax.org to the Kill the VAT banner and click on "Tell Congress". If you are a member of FairTax.org then…


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“A great many Missourians and others across America know where I stand on implementation of HR 25, the Fair Tax Act, which Congressman John Linder (R-GA) introduces each legislative year. I have been a supporter of the Fair Tax for nearly ten years. I have written about it in my regular newspaper column and even created a song about it, “Perhaps We Need A Tea Party Again” that has been… Continue

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Athens, GA (Congressional District 10)

If you are in the Athens area and have been waiting for a local FairTax group, your wait is almost over! Our first meeting will be at Ryan's (1021 Dowdy Rd) in Athens. The meeting will be at 1000 am on June 19.

Will post the specifics closer to that date.


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Phil Hinson Answers Congressman Shuler's FairTax Concerns

FairTax Concerns

Rob Ellsworth

Staff of Reps. Heath Shuler (D/NC) and Walt Minnick (D/ID)

1. How would you prevent the States from raising their income and sales taxes as a response to abolishing the federal income tax?

2. How would you prevent local governments from raising property taxes as a response to abolishing the federal income tax?

I will respond to these two together. Here is what we believe will happen at the state level when (not "if")…


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There's Your Problem With Government: Too Much Jockey, Not Enough Horse

It doesn’t matter whether the jockey is holding the whip in his Left hand or his Right; the problem is that he weighs over 600 pounds – that is the ratio of government spending in our $1.4 trillion thoroughbred economy. And we wonder why we are losing the race for global competitiveness.

Each new tax is one less bag of oats…

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What if our FairTax had a Trigger Clause in it

I am forecasting a little.. but to foreseeing an economy similar to our current one under the FairTax... and with No Way to bring back an income tax... a trigger tax to protect lower wage workers in a bad economy could be created...

I have designed a post card sized document for us to review and comment on... this idea is really "true blue" and don't forget to order the Get on Board the FairTax Train T-shirt… Continue

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New Members Only Raffle... 6 winners take 100% of ....

I need you to join my group if you think we could sponsor in our districts any new member

after they check out the FairTax website.... and if in our membership they can see that it

would be good for them...

Our target group is any single person making less than $35,000 to win up to $50,000

in a raffle with up to 5,000 newly sponsored members into AFFT (www.fairtax.org)

It would be nice if we could discuss this to give anyone a… Continue

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Survey for Possible Contest to Win

Hi Folks... Da Blues have an idea... if you like it... simply join Da Blues... details will follow...


src="http://www.surveymonkey.com/jsPop.aspx?sm=ViobWmzBsGP5P1JKnE3dEA_3d_3d"> </script>

You should get a pop up to take a survey that I created... I am looking for 10 who support this idea to

attend a meeting about a contest every 6 months to attract up to 5,000 new FairTax members...

This contest is not a funds raiser... as 100%… Continue

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I've been away but now I'm back!

It's hard to believe I haven't posted anything here for a year. I've been getting my new career in real estate going and it's been uphill, and I've been posting a lot on Facebook. I hope I can devote a few hours a week to FairtaxNation again. I'm sure I won't have the time I did have, but it's nice to back in the Nation where my passion is shared by so many! I'm looking forward to interacting with my Fairtax Buds again!

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Fairtax needs better promotion

They need to create a CD or DVD that introduces the fairtax to everyone, and spread them around like a virus in everyones mailbox like the old AOL discs. I've heard of the fairtax for years but never really understood what it was about until I saw Neal Boortz on Stossel. If They took His fairtax book and put it in a shortened version on a CD or DVD for everyone to get a copy of it, we the people will take back our… Continue

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