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May 2011 Blog Posts (4)

This Is A Stick Up! Seven Ways Obamacare Raids Your Wallet.

by: Trent Derr - American Exceptionalism


By now most of us realize how Obamacare is designed to take control of healthcare decisions away from individuals and place them in the hands of bureaucrats.   After all, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid understood that as government gains more control over healthcare, the politicians have even…


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National Taxpayers Union - Pass this link around and sign the petition

National Taxpayers Union - Pass this link around and sign the petition


This article led me to this organization -…


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Supporting the Fairtax from the right AND the left!

When someone thinks of a Fairtax supporter, what comes to mind? Probably some backwoods, redneck, "tea bagger" who is afraid of the "guvment" taken away his guns, right?

Well... that's not me exactly. However, I am a devoted supporter of the Fairtax. I remember the first time that I was introduced to the Fairtax. I was watching one of the 2008 Republican primary debates, when they "explained" what the Fairtax was. I remember quite vividly Chris Wallace informing the entire viewing…


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South Carolina Republican Depate

I hope everyone had the opportunity to watch the debate tonight on Fox.  The questions were great and the debate moved right along.  The Fair tax question came up and Herman Cain is an avid supporter of the Fair Tax and defended his position and the tax very well.  The panel at the end of the debate declared Herman Cain the clear cut winner of the debate.  Herman has won the straw poll vote at every event he has attended.

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