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Unaccountability as Political Strategy and Foreign Policy

Unaccountability as Political Strategy and Foreign Policy

It's called "passing" or "avoiding" the buck. This can come only from those who are so adept at skating or slacking and avoiding work, while pretending to actually be producing something, and are in fact avoiding being accountable for their actions.

I point this out during this, the week of the 60th anniversary of George Orwell's famed book, "1984."

Although Orwell did not coin the term…

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US Tax history

In a highly industrialized and rapidly technical advancing nation Recessions end when price of energy is significantly reduced. Not when taxes and/or government spending are increased. You need but correlate

energy prices and

recessions. Neither FDR or the war ended the depression of 1930's but it was the supply and low cost of… Continue

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Supporter of the Fair Tax need to be Cognizant of a Couple of HUGE FACTORS

Supporter of the Fair Tax need to be cognizant of a couple of huge factors that will derail the movement in a heartbeat.

First as pointed out my me and other economist the growth of the monetary base to unprecedented proportions means high inflation, maybe even hyper inflation of 50% or more per year, and massive economic and social disruption.

Here is a link to the WSJ article by Arthur… Continue

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The Supreme Court just approved King OBAMA’S re-engineering of U.S. Bankruptcy law. For the last 238 years we had a fair and just set of rules that governed bankruptcy proceedings. A secured Bond ho…

The Supreme Court just approved King OBAMA’S re-engineering of U.S. Bankruptcy law.

For the last 238 years we had a fair and just set of rules that governed bankruptcy proceedings. A secured Bond holder which is defined as the investor who had loaned money secured by the assets of the borrower (in this case Chrysler) would be first in line in a bankruptcy. This is based on property rights, the person with the most rights based on property would be the most secured. The second in line… Continue

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A devastating blow

Much to my surprise the Chippewa Valley lost their most vocal and public supporter of the FairTax this week. It has come to my attention that the local radio station carrying Neal Boortz has cut the Boortz show from the lineup. To me this was devastating news. Mr. Boortz almost single handily drew me into the talk radio format. Beyond that if it were not for Boortz I would have no idea about the FairTax and its merits. He has been replaced with the Glen Beck show. Are you kidding me? Glen Beck… Continue

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New!!! An Internet toolbar that automatically generates funds for the FairTax cause at no cost to you!

Dear FairTax supporter,

I'm pleased to report we have a powerful new feature available on the FairTax.org site: An Internet toolbar that automatically generates funds for the FairTax cause at no cost to you! The toolbar will appear on your Web browser and every time you use it to search the Internet or make an online purchase, it will generate money for the FairTax cause.

Download our new toolbar at www.fairtax.org/toolbar and start raising money today for the… Continue

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Open letter to president and representatives: How are you helping us?

It seems that every move that you, our representative government, are making is adverse to our nation’s common interests. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I might think that our enemies and the global elite have tremendous influence in our own government and in mainstream media with the goal of taking away our individual rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness…

1. You don’t allow healthy free-market competition to take place. Instead, you set up… Continue

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Revolution: Is it time?

Revolution: A sudden or momentous change. An industrial "revolution" a technology "revolution" "revolution" in manufacturing, automated assembly lines, "revolutionary" thought as in Galileo, Newton, Einstein, and the Wright Brothers.

Revolution: Any social or political transformation, as an example, the "American Republics Founding Father's revolutionary idea" of a limited government under a "constitutional compact" guaranteeing basic unalienable rights, rights forbidden by a "bill… Continue

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Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace.

We are gathered here today to say farewell to a loyal friend.

He was a beacon of wisdom who understood the importance of self reliance. He stood for the hard fought principles of Liberty and freedom and the reason and moral judgment they afford us, without the intrusion of a centralized democracy.

He was a symbol of individual accomplishment that was a proud beacon throughout the world, and the rewards that it secured to those who worked hard to… Continue

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Mid-South Tea Party at Patriot Lake in Memphis TN

Sponsored by: www.ReformPolitix.com www.FairTaxNation.com Drapers Catering of Memphis (Other sponsors to be added later)

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Answers to the questions of a Fair Tax Opponent

Ref: http://endlessamount.com/?p=555&cpage=1#comment-2860

or http://endlessamount.com/?tag=good

Answer to the Opponent of the Fair Tax

Question: 1. If you are going to do away with the IRS, who will collect the tax. (It will still be the IRS, we’ll just give them a sweet sounding name.)

Answer: The states will collect the tax and will receive a quarter of a percent from each transaction to perform this… Continue

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Alternative Expo 2009

This is an invitation to all. Oct 10th -11th 2009 at the Central Florida Fair Grounds, Green City Events will hold a big blow out in Alternative Energy and Wellness. We are expecting Fair Tax both and volunteers.

We will be having a seminar as well. We are inviting Fair Tax supports and to invite others as well.

We would love to have a min rally at the event.

If you have any questions the web site is www.greencityevents.net and you can contact me by email… Continue

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Civil Disobedience

Civil Disobedience

A very small number of Americans have the economic power to force the Government to correct its course. We are being steered down a path to a socialist state, if not a fascist state. This is being done under the guise of “an economic disaster” We have in the last six months witnessed the nationalization of banks, insurance companies, manufacturing, healthcare, etc., all in the name of stabilizing the economy. We have in that same six months created more debt than… Continue

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" Taxes are the price we pay for a Civilized Society" Chief Justice John Marshal

“Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society”

Taxes can be assessed at a reasonable rate and serve some very fundamental and necessary purposes; or they can be expanded to a very high rate depending on how much you want from your government. Any reasonable person will agree that some basic societal needs require some form of taxation. The question of “basic” and “need” will always vary depending on who you ask. So, the question then needs to be asked? What is the… Continue

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Free Markets auto correct

Government ineptness in tax policy and the effects on production while complicit doesn't excuse GM for it failing. GM's failing is a result of not just taxes punishing production that chase jobs out of America, but a chain of choices and compromises with an equally complicit union.

Unions can not vote them self's more value for work performed. Only a free market can ultimately determine wage, artificial constructs forced on a companies create inefficiencies in the market. Eventually… Continue

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