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June 2010 Blog Posts (9)

Greater Orlando FairTax Trumpet!!! Volume 2, Number 7, June 2010

2010 –Year of the FairTax Victory


Greater Orlando FairTax Trumpet!!!

Voice for the FairTax in Greater…

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How the federal tax system affects what you can buy. How much do you have to earn to have $100 to spend?

How the federal tax system affects what you can buy.
How much do you have to earn to have $100 to spend?

Critics of the FairTax claim that the FairTax will increase the cost of everything you buy by 30%; that you… Continue

Added by Karen Walby on June 29, 2010 at 12:00pm — 1 Comment

The FairTax and the VAT


One of the misstatements of which many of us FairTax-ers are guilty is the claim that the VAT is a hidden tax, and the FairTax is not. I attach (see discussion) a copy of my hotel bill from a recent trip to Germany, in which the VAT is clearly broken out. The only German you need to know to read the bill is that the German word for VAT is "Mehrwertsteuer," or "MwSt" abbreviated. The rest is numbers.

The 4 breakfasts and the telephone calls of 53.20 Euros were…


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Our Independence Day

It is a uniquely American holiday, this upcoming Independence Day; it is the day we commemorate the abolishment of our government.

This nation did not materialize from the vapor one day in 1776. There was nearly 200 years of colonial life, and there was government for all of that time. We did not create a new government on that Fourth of July; we just dissolved the old one.

The national holiday which commemorates our disposal of unwanted government is properly called…


Added by Tim Nerenz on June 23, 2010 at 7:50pm — 2 Comments

July 4th Watch the First Ever FairTax TV Show!!

Make It a FairTax Fourth of July

Fireworks will color the night skies across America, replicating the “rocket’s red glare…”.

We will once again celebrate our struggle, sacrifice and determination to break away from a distant government, unfair taxes and the arbitrary and capricious rule of kings.

And in homes across the nation the FairTax will be seen and heard in our first national TV broadcast on Fox Business News at 1:30 p.m. eastern time.

Go here for a preview.…


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None of us who actually create jobs were surprised at the dismal May employment numbers, while the President’s economists were shocked. What does that tell you.

Excluding temporary census workers, only 25,000 private sector jobs were added in May, less than 20% of the number needed just to keep pace with the growth in the workforce. The President’s crack team of Keynesian number crunchers had forecasted around 500,000.

Mr. Obama somehow managed to blame businesses for the…


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Alternative Paths to Service

What I want to know is: if there is nothing wrong with discussing "alternative paths to service" with Senate candidates, then why is Rod Blagojevich going to jail?

The irony of another White House election tampering case revealed on the eve of the former Illinois Governor’s corruption trial is too rich to let pass without comment.

Some will argue that the cases are not comparable; but others will see them as minor variations on the same theme. Blago offered a job in…


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Lunch and taxes commercials

Please tell me why more Americans know about the Shake Weight and the Slapchop than they do about the FairTax. I Just discovered the series of commercials on Lunch and Taxes. These commercials are fabulous and the people need to be as familiar with these commercials as they are with the Snuggie. How do we achieve this?

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Pool Boy

Your family makes $140,000. You pay your pool boy $24,000 but he spends $38,000. He is $130,000 in debt and he tells lenders you are good for it. Now do you get the Tea Party?

If you remember who works for whom and where the money comes from in the first place, it is pretty easy to see why people are hacked off. Add eight zeros to the pool boy’s numbers and you have the budget of the federal government.

The government works for us; the pool boy is not family. We…


Added by Tim Nerenz on June 1, 2010 at 9:54pm — No Comments

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