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June 2018 Blog Posts (4)

Why Tariffs?

Hey Youall! The Income tax causes a 25% cost increase to the price of all goods and services  produced in the USA. is it any wonder we can't compete in the world market place? Remove the IRS, FAIRTAX HR25 and we compete with the world. NO TRADE WAR NO TARIFFS,, just a simple act of congress gets it done. Make america the best place in the world to produce products, jobs come flying back. it's about demanding a FAIRTAX HR25 FROM THOSE WE ELECTED! go viral! DOBY!

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Why a trade war?

Every business in the USA must file income tax at an average cost per business of 18 to 24 cents on every dollar they earn. That represents an imposed burden of 18 to 24 percent, and a twenty percent on average disadvantage in world trade. End the IRS and every business becomes approximately 20% better able to fend of foreign competition. WHY A TRADE WAR, when we have the tool to compete in foreign trade? THE FAIRTAX HR25. End the IRS and every person plus every business benefits. So simple,…


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We pay on average 13 cents more to have an income tax than to have a sales tax.  36 cents on every dollar we earn, or better than 33% of each dollar just for the privilege of the IRS. Now a FAIRTAX HR25, which replaces the IRS, requires we pay 23 cents on every dollar, wow that's a lot, but it's a 50% decrease in the typical tax bill for every person. SO WE HAVE A CHOICE! DEMAND HR25 THE FAIRTAX, or continue to pay the 13 cent surcharge that represents the income tax. We will go around the…


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A century of tax abuse is unacceptable! Since the beginning elected representatives have sold the tax code to finance their reelection ambitions. 74,000 pages of special interests make today's tax code the essence of unfair! We "DRAIN THE SWAMP" when elected officials understand that we will no longer be abused! VOTE THEM OUT!  "Make America Great Again", VOTE THEM OUT! We can do it! DOBY!

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