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Last weekend, we went to one of our favorite tavern-burger joints for the first time since Wisconsin’s smoking ban went into effect. No ashtrays, no smoke, and no customers – nice going, do-gooders.

This was a biker bar, past tense. It is an empty bar now – soon to be a closed-down bar unless there is a federal bailout in the works for dives. It wasn’t the kind of place you would walk into by mistake, not a place to take your kids. Nobody was inadvertently exposed to second-hand…


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Missouri FairTax Constitutional Amendment did not pass this year

It is important for FairTax-ers to be informed about setbacks as well as accomplishments. In that spirit, I am disappointed to have to pass on a report from Missouri State Representative and constitutional amendment sponsor, Ed Emery, that the Fair Taxation Resolution did not pass this year.

Former Lieutenant Governor and FairTax-er, Bill Phelps, gave me the following comments:

"The proposed constitutional amendment was assigned by the Speaker to a committee which delayed it… Continue

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Are You Smarter Than a 20th Grader?

The magic number is $50,000 – the median compensation rate in the private sector. The math is simple: for every $50,000 of cost laid on business by government, one job must be cut.

Government burdens businesses in three ways: taxes, mandates, and regulations. Ultimately, these costs are passed to consumers in the form of increased prices; but in the short run, increased government burden must be offset with cost reductions elsewhere in the firm, and elsewhere these days almost…


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Posted at Sodahead

 The key to putting Americans back to work is investment. Removing

capital gains, corporate income tax, individual income tax, and taxes on

savings and education would free up massive capital for investment. It

is estimated somewhere between 10 and 15 trillion dollars would come

back to the U.S. from the offshore accounts which were set up in the

first place to avoid taxes. Now that’s stimulus you can believe in,

and the beauty is that it would be private money.… Continue

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Leo E. Linbeck Jr. the Founder of FairTax.org was a former director of the Dallas Federal Reserve

Editorial Note: While the people in this movement likely are mostly trying to do the right thing, be vigilant and cautious about following a gravy train down a slippery slope


Author: Brian D. Hill…


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Message to House Ways and Means Committee

A million people have just exhausted their unemployment benefits, including my next door neighbor. How bad does it have to get before you will consider the FairTax bill, HR25?


Hint, hint.

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National Association of Letter Carriers

Doug Dash reports from Annaheim, California that the FairTax resolution did not pass at the biennial convention of the National Association of Letter Carriers and that its Executive Council had recommended against the resolution. We of course were not present at the internal deliberations of the Council, but we know there are three firebrands on that board.

The process was skewed in favor of the Executive Council because the Council did not announce its position until the handout of… Continue

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Rob Woodall Declared the Winner in Runoff - Likely to become the Next FairTax Sponsor

Rob Woodall, Chief of Staff to retiring Congressman and FairTax sponsor, John

Linder, GA-07, has just been declared the winner of his Republican primary

runoff election, in Georgia's Seventh Congressional District. Woodall soundly

defeated his second-place rival from the earlier Republican primary, Jody Hice.

FairTax Regional Director, Phil Hinson, says that the winner of the Republican

primary is likely to become the next Congressman in this heavily…

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The North Carolina Shred the IRS Tax Code Event

Date: August 21, 2010

Time: 12:30 to 4:30

Where: North Carolina State Fair Grounds – Jim Martin Building, Raleigh, NC

The event will feature Congressional Candidates that support the FairTax but all Candidates are welcome to attend this information session.

For more information and to REGISTER for the event go Shred the Tax Code

We are a “Grassroots Organization” and the event is…


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Welcome To Wisconsin

When President Obama returns to Wisconsin this month, you can have your picture taken with him for $10,000. I think I will bring a check for $1,427 to teach him how his new tax rates will impact those of us who actually pay our taxes.

First of all, let’s assume he is a responsible retirement saver and is putting away 8% of his $10,000 earnings into a 401(k) - that is an $800 withholding that we will tax later. His Medicare tax on the balance is $267, Social Security tax is $1,150,…


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16th Amendment

I would be very happy to see this Amendment completely wiped out. It is unconstitutional and an insult to our freedoms. As a young American, I have had it with our government. It is way too large and too greedy for us American people. I do a fair share of reading and I have seen over and over, especially the last few years, our rights be violated and completely disregarded and even removed.

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Dissolving Fears prior to success of Fair Tax

Hello Free Americans,

Fear of Change is the greatest obstacle in building support for Fair Tax. As a Christian Believer, I am well aware of the stygma of future expectations of the Christian Church. Mainline church philosophy EXPECTS the Anti-Christ to come shortly, along with the beastly number of 666. With that philosophy, they expect the financial system of the 666 super market code to implement a tax on everything they buy and sell.

This philosophy of the Christian…


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