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September 2011 Blog Posts (3)

Dark Horse Candidate Dividing FairTax Advocates

Some are saying Herman Cain is "disingenuous".  Are upset at his 9-9-9- idea.  Maybe rightly so but. . .
I know exactly how you Feel.  We have busted it trying to maintain a pure effort for the FairTax, "as written".  But if you look at the choices we have in this field of candidates including potentially and worse yet, Chris Christie, another "establishment" player, who offers the…

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Press Release: Mitt Romney misstates the FairTax 9/13/2011

Press Release


Date: September 13, 2011

Contact: Roger Buchholtz, MI FairTax Association President

Phone: 269 345-0950

For Immediate Release

Romney Misstates FairTax Impact

Kalamazoo Sept.13, 2011- Because a politician or candidate says it, does not make it true.  In a response to a question in the September 12 Republican presidential debate about the FairTax Mitt Romney stated…


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FairTax: In all Fairness!

“One person’s idea of “fairness” is another person’s idea of class warfare. I say if everyone is treated equally under the FairTax law at the point of taxation, then that’s is strong evidence of Fairness. If every legal resident’s tax on necessities is prepaid, then that is strong evidence of equal treatment under law and of fairness.

Why is it fair to use a different...

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