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November 2009 Blog Posts (12)

First a Democrat then a Republican—Is It Good For YOU?

First a Democrat then a Republican—Is It Good For YOU? From the desk of;

Melissa Pehle-Hill

www.Melissa2010.com In hearing that many elected officials are switching over from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party I have mixed feelings though most of those feelings are not of joy or elation but rather of disgust and aggravation. Let me explain. Yes, I am happy that… Continue

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How can I help Support & Promote the FairTax...

I zipped out this list and had 4 per page printed up to hand out at the Farm Bureau Trade show for 2 days. (100 copies = 400 people can get one)



• First, sign up on www.fairtaxnation.com

• Join the my state group

• Order “The FairTax Book” & read it

• Go to www.vistaprint.com & order some FairTax Business… Continue

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Affirmative Action


You either believe that institutionalized racism is wrong or you don’t. I happen to believe it is wrong, and therefore oppose Affirmative Action in any form.

To support Affirmative Action, you must first accept its perquisite belief that people of color and women are inferior to white males. This is a vile and ignorant idea; one that people of… Continue

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Public Option Airways


Every time we fly we are treated to a dose of applied Libertarian philosophy – we are told to put on our own oxygen mask first before we choose to help others.

Simple principles, really: no person has a claim on the life, liberty, or property of another; voluntary exchange is the only just relationship between equals; you can not give a thing you do not… Continue

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The idea of a fair tax is interesting. It would certainly be nice for all of those who are Filing Back Taxes due to the steep rates. In the current system, are there any deductions for Travel Health Insurance. I know if we move to a fair tax system, we will not have to worry about all the… Continue

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Cap and Trade


We do not use too much energy because we are wealthy - we are only wealthy because we use energy. Energy equals prosperity.

Do you want to Cap your prosperity? Do you want to Trade your prosperity? Nancy Pelosi is betting your job that Al Gore might be right about Global Warming. Did you give her your permission? Your job is not Nancy's to wager; your choices are… Continue

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Samuel Adams said it so well, let the brush fires continue...

"It does not take a majority to prevail ... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." --Samuel Adams

It is in the mind that we need to prevail with the FairTax as we have all been indoctrinated with the system we currently have. To think of any other way is nothing short of hard to wrap one's mind around, hence the brushfires of freedom "in the minds of Americans" via the FairTax!!

May we NOT grow tired knowing… Continue

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My Latest Column in the Springfield Missouri News-Leader

Anyone who attempts to stay abreast of current events can easily come to the conclusion that our elected leaders are clueless about why we are in such an economic mess, much less what might help alleviate it. If the solution does not involve printing funny money and paying off past and future supporters, they wouldn’t consider it.

I hearken back to election summer, 2008, when the financial sector freefall began. McCain and Obama suspended their campaigns and rushed to Washington to… Continue

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Channeling Enron


Ever wonder what happened to all the scummy-bears who did the creative accounting at Enron, Arthur Anderson, and WorldCom? I’m guessing they must have all gotten government jobs from the stimulus money.

Because politicians are not smart enough to think this stuff all up on their own.

If you recall, the House version of health care was scored by… Continue

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Test Blog

is this thing on?

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They Lie!

FYI. The government now controls 30% of the once private wealth of the country. With the passage of health care as proposed, this rises to 48%. The dollar has lost 16% of its value since the Obama administration took office. Which means your savings are being decimated while they feel safe. H.R. 3962, the "Affordable Health Care for America Act" has been introduced--all 1990 pages of it. This gargantuan beast contains thirteen new tax hikes. W

We need the FairTax more than ever. They… Continue

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The meeting will come to order!

The purpose of this meeting is to propose a new tax system. It has become apparent to most of us that our political leaders have become far to corrupt and bought off by special interests to remedy the impending collapse of our economy and many of us believe that the root of the corruption is our current system of taxation and the corrupting influence it has on our Political Leaders. Under the current system of taxing… Continue

Added by Curtis R. Pack on November 1, 2009 at 2:30am — 1 Comment

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