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December 2011 Blog Posts (7)

Fairness in the fairtax

Among the many ways the fairtax beings fairness to taxation is it introduces fair trade to free trade. Currently over 98% of everything that is imported into this country comes from a country that has a border adjustment in their tax code.

China reimburses their exporters up to 17% of the cost of their products to remove the cost of their VAT from their exports while charging the same 17% to imports. Mexico does the same with a 16% VAT, Canada with a 13% goods and service tax,…


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Is John Huntsman's tax plan better than the Fair Tax?

Is John Huntsman's tax plan better than the Fair Tax? I went to the Huntsman's website to learn more http://jon2012.com/issues/jobs-economy-regulatory-reform  This is my opinion on how the Huntsman plan compares to the Fair Tax.
Individual Taxes Excerpt:
Simplify the Personal Income Tax Code and Lower Rates
introduce a revenue-neutral plan that…

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The RATE Coalition

    This is definately a group that the FairTax should contact and try to influence. We already know the FairTax is the answer not only for the American citizen, but for American business as well.

    How do we best go about this? Your input is desired.           



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Newt Gingrich's "Fair and Simple" tax plan

I was watching a YouTube video by Newt Gingrich where he said to "throw out the tax code and replace it with one that is simple and fair." So I went to his website at newt.org to look at his tax reform plan. I would like to share my opinion on the Newt Gingrich tax "simple and fair" tax plan compared to the Fair Tax.

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My opinion on Heritage Foundation's new Flat Tax plan

Heritage announces its new tax plan -- The New Flat Tax--Easy as One, Two, Three 

Note how Heritage feels its rate is low at 28% but ignores the Fair Tax rate even lower rate of 23%.
Heritage Excerpt:
A rate of 28 percent is comparable to or significantly below the typical rate facing an individual or family today. A working family today is subject to a 15.3 percent payroll tax rate, plus either a 15 percent or 25 percent…

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China Trade

Everybody has an opinion about trade with China, and here is mine: let’s trade ‘em Ben Bernanke for Fu Ying. Throw in a minor league pitcher if we have to – President Obama comes immediately to mind.

Fu Ying is China’s Vice Foreign Minister, who Friday announced that China would not use its foreign exchange reserves (i.e. dollars) to rescue other countries (i.e. Europe). She explained that “foreign reserves are akin to savings” and not to be squandered by governments.…


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A Good Reason for FAIR TAX

I have an acquaintance that is a CPA.  Although we get along very well, I really can’t call him a friend.  The main reason is that I’m a gung-ho conservative who is dead set against the Federal Income Tax.  Conversely, he is dead set against the FAIR TAX, a national consumption tax and totally infatuated with the IRS and income tax. 

          My idea of an ideal governmental situation is no income tax, no FAIR TAX and no flat tax.  Collect taxes the same way that it was done prior to…


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