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A New Way to Find Representatives & Congressman

Hi, Ken from Delaware speaking to you today about a site that helps you track and VOTE on active Legislative Bills.

PopVox.com is a superb site that helps all americans do just that with ease.

PopVox is latin for voice of…


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Tinkering with the Code Can’t Fix this Problem

by Daniel J. Pilla


As the current IRS scandal continues to unfold, cries are rising from quarters throughout Washington for “reforming the IRS.” I have said many times that tax reform cannot solve the problem of IRS abuse. The system is built on an unsound foundation. And when the foundation of a structure is not sound, the only solution is to bulldoze it and start over again.…


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Phone Tree

   FTN  puts the pressure on Ways and Means with pdf's for a phone tree.  Watch the home page.  We really need everyone.  Take a look.  It's simple!

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Not Just Interest, but the Principal Too!

One of the linchpins of the arguments against the FairTax is the supposed loss of the mortgage interest deduction for middle-income homeowners. The answer should look like this:

Not only are the benefits of the mortgage interest deduction (MID) still in place, the FairTax adds a mortgage principle deduction as well. That's something that the current system just doesn't offer. Let's take a look...

Under the current system, a taxpayer deducts personal exemptions for him/herself…


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Tax hearing & tax reform covered by C-Span on July 18, 2013

Taxing events covered by C-Span July 18, 2013

IRS Officials Testify on Targeting Conservative Groups

The House Oversight Cmte. hears from IRS officials about the targeting of tea party & other conservative organizations. Lawmakers take a closer look at IRS headquarters in Washington and the…


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FairTaxers, Get Behind Internet Sales Tax Bill...but not this one.

In an artical on Fox News, conservatives in Washington are in disagreement when it comes to the Marketplace Fairness Act 68-27, proposing that internet retailers should collect sales taxes on the sales that they make across state lines. Senator Ted Cruz calls it a "mad bill" saying it puts too much of a burden on small businesses to implement. Reagan-era economist…


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REMEMBER! "Understanding the FairTax" June Webinar

June 27th webinar is presented by Kerry Bowers, Nevada State Director for Americans for Fair Taxation.  Learn in one hour what most people haven't learned in years about the FairTax.

Kerry's presentation was created to teach FairTax…


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UnFair IRS the film

I for one am very excited about the release of UnFair IRS in September because it should give HR 25, Fair Tax a huge boost with the public.  The films producer, Craig Bergman was our guest on Fair Tax Time Radio this past Wednesday.  If you did not hear the show I would recommend that you listen now.  All of our shows are recorded for future play and we invite you to export, copy and share.  Enjoy the show!…


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Roving Billboard

I'm self-employed and travel all over the country doing work for various clients. I drive a Chevy Express cargo van and most of the time I'm pulling my 6x10 cargo trailer. I would love to have both decked out with vinyl graphics advertising the FairTax. I just can't afford it myself. Maybe a slogan like "Keep your entire paycheck!"? I live in the Flint, MI (read: union country) area.


I also own the web site…


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My take on the IRS scandal


Agency Reels from Revelation of Abuse


A firestorm of controversy preceded the release of the report of Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) on the IRS’s handling of the applications for…


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Supporting The Abolishment of Income Tax

Dear fellow FairTaxers,

Our founding fathers instinctively knew the evils of an income tax.  They knew from history how such a system could easily be manipulated to pit one group against another.

More importantly, they knew how an income tax could infringe on individual freedom.  Freedom was the most important element in our country's founding.  So, they prohibited an income tax in our constitution.

But, after several attempts in the late 1800s by politicians who…


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100 years of the Income tax is enough!

If you are like most folks, on February 3, 2013, you were glued to your TV set, watching a great Super  Bowl.  Parties with friends, and rivals, across the land celebrated the game, whether your team won or lost.  And this was a good thing, because, if not for the Super Bowl, February 3, 2013 would have been a sad day indeed!!


It was the One Hundredth anniversary of the ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment, which allowed the first constitutional income tax in our Nation’s…


Added by Marilyn Rickert on March 17, 2013 at 11:04pm — 2 Comments

Fair Tax Implementation - Transition

Can anyone point me to postings focused on implementing the Fair tax?  It seems to me there are numerous logistical issues.  For instance:

1. The federal sales tax is collected at the point of sale, the tax collected is forwarded to the state for subsequent transfer to the treasury, is that correct?  If so what about states that currently have no sales tax collection procedures?  How long and at what cost will it take for these states to design and implement the required software?…


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Enjoying the tax relief on mortgage interests paid

The mortgage tax relief is mainly the advantage offered to mortgage holders, who have been making payments on the mortgage interest. The relief offered is mainly on the basis of the interest paid by the homeowner. The relief is offered almost on every type of mortgage starting from the mortgage on a new home, mortgage taken out for home improvements, mortgage taken…


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God is Fair!

I heard a recent comment on a podcast by Joel Osteen that I feel is so pertinent.  He stated: "Life is not fair, but God is fair."

I am convinced that God has brought the Fair Tax movement to provide the solution to our country's desperate financial crisis.  We all need to pray "big" for such a big solution.  Remember God can move mountains and this is exactly what this country needs right now.

Go Fair Tax!!



FTN Disclaimer:…

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Help Wanted: New Generation of Founding Fathers


                        This is an open letter to a new generation of founding fathers who I hope will stand up and “pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor” to the cause of a restored Republic of the United States of America.  I am asking for leaders to lead; people with wealth, name recognition, and the trust of We the People to lead us into a revival of  the liberty once known by citizens of America.  It is time for a political party to represent…


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Free Market Misunderstood

Free Market Misunderstood

Free Market or Crony Capitalism? Most people think of these two terms as the same thing when they are as different as night and day. For 150 years our great nation prospered under the free market system and became the largest economy in world history. Doing more good for more people and creating more wealth than mankind has ever seen. The last hundred years is where the real mess began. Under the guise of helping or saving us our glorious government has made a…


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Here's a clip from my latest newsletter on my analysis of the American Taxpayer Relief Act

Is There Any Real Relief for the American Taxpayer?

By Dan Pilla


The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 is yet another major tax reform bill that doesn’t really do much to reform taxes. True, some of the key provisions of the Bush-era tax cuts are now permanent (to the extent that any tax provision is ever permanent today). However, the Act still leaves in place far too many temporary provisions. These have…


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Here's my recent article on the AMT


No More Annual Scramble for a “Patch”

by Daniel J. Pilla


One of the maddening things about tax policy in the past eleven years was Congress’s unwillingness to permanently index the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) exemption levels to inflation. For more than a decade, Congress merely passed an annual last minute “patch,” which simply extended the temporary rules for…


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