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Why the fairtax?

One day some guys sat around and thought about the problems with our present taxes, wondering if there were a better way to fund the federal government with out the problems the current tax system has. Years latter, and $22 million spent researching, and developing a tax system that would work, came the FairTax. The only agenda that the FairTax has, is to get rid America of the problems generated from our present system of taxing.

We FairTax supporters have been persuaded though… Continue

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Post fairtax and prices

Maybe it is hard for some to believe business will lower their price. Maybe they never ran a business.

My prices will be adjusted starting January 1st the year the fairtax goes into effect; to reflect my new cost with out production taxes, and lowered compliance cost. I will also aggressively place ads in order to capture my competitors clients. Switching to the fairtax is an opportunity to increase my market share by offering lower priced items then my competitors that are slower to… Continue

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Promoting the fairtax @ whitehouse2.org

Thank you fairtax supporters for your endorsements of the fairtax at http://fairtax.whitehouse2.org/ . Because of you we've pushed the fairtax to #1 on the site. If you have not yet made an endorsement then please do and add comments or talking points helpful to the fairtax. Remember to post comments in priorities that relate to the fairtax or that the fairtax fixes.

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Income tax and colateral damage.

The income tax when used as a weapon in class warfare, levies terrible collateral damage to the whole of America.

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