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Welcome New FairTax State Director for New Hampshire, Don Overman


Please welcome our newest State Director, Donald L. Overman, of New Hampshire. Don's leadership will be particularly valuable in an area where the FairTax has been dormant.

Although Don is the newest member of our group, he is one of the original advocates of replacing the Income Tax with a consumption tax. Don has been part of this effort since his college days, and he…


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Missouri FairTax Constitutional Amendment did not pass this year

It is important for FairTax-ers to be informed about setbacks as well as accomplishments. In that spirit, I am disappointed to have to pass on a report from Missouri State Representative and constitutional amendment sponsor, Ed Emery, that the Fair Taxation Resolution did not pass this year.

Former Lieutenant Governor and FairTax-er, Bill Phelps, gave me the following comments:

"The proposed constitutional amendment was assigned by the Speaker to a committee which delayed it… Continue

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National Association of Letter Carriers

Doug Dash reports from Annaheim, California that the FairTax resolution did not pass at the biennial convention of the National Association of Letter Carriers and that its Executive Council had recommended against the resolution. We of course were not present at the internal deliberations of the Council, but we know there are three firebrands on that board.

The process was skewed in favor of the Executive Council because the Council did not announce its position until the handout of… Continue

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Rob Woodall Declared the Winner in Runoff - Likely to become the Next FairTax Sponsor

Rob Woodall, Chief of Staff to retiring Congressman and FairTax sponsor, John

Linder, GA-07, has just been declared the winner of his Republican primary

runoff election, in Georgia's Seventh Congressional District. Woodall soundly

defeated his second-place rival from the earlier Republican primary, Jody Hice.

FairTax Regional Director, Phil Hinson, says that the winner of the Republican

primary is likely to become the next Congressman in this heavily…

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A Little FairTax History and Lore


Here is a little bit of FairTax History and Lore. There were Democrats on the original legislation.

The FairTax was first introduced as the National Retial Sales Tax Act of 1997 by Congressman Dan Schaefer, R, CO-06, on June 19, 1997 in the 105th Congress as H.R.2001. John Linder was one of the original co-sponsors.

There was a related bill, H.R.1325, which had the same sponsor and same title, all of its 10 co-sponsors (including John Linder) in common,…


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The FairTax and the VAT


One of the misstatements of which many of us FairTax-ers are guilty is the claim that the VAT is a hidden tax, and the FairTax is not. I attach (see discussion) a copy of my hotel bill from a recent trip to Germany, in which the VAT is clearly broken out. The only German you need to know to read the bill is that the German word for VAT is "Mehrwertsteuer," or "MwSt" abbreviated. The rest is numbers.

The 4 breakfasts and the telephone calls of 53.20 Euros were…


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Notes of May 11 Leadership Council Conference Call

A conference call of the Grassroots

Leadership Council took place on Tuesday, May 11, 2010 at 8:30 p.m. The

meeting was chaired by John Collet and attended by all the members of

the Council, including Terry Stockham as a non-voting member, and by

Sean Matula. There were three items on the agenda, but due to time, the only one that was reached was the Strategic Plan.

The Outline of a Framework Document for the Strategic Plan had been…

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New Senate Co-Sponsor for FairTax

It's now public. Senator Richard Burr, R-NC, announced this week that he has

become a co-sponsor of S296, The Fair Tax Act of 2009. Senator Burr is the first

new Senate co-sponsor in several years. The Sponsor of the FairTax in the Senate

is Saxby Chambliss [R, GA].

The 4 Co-Sponsors now are:

Sen. Richard Burr [R, NC]

Sen. Thomas Coburn [R, OK]

Sen. John Cornyn [R, TX]

Sen. John Isakson [R, GA]


~Jim Bennett

38… Continue

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National Small Business Association

I replied:

Thank you, Molly.

Let me suggest another approach. Would you be willing to contact your New Jersey members and ask them whether they would let FairTax volunteers place holders with pocket cards (proof sample attached) in their businesses? If any respond positively, you can let me know who they are.

Best regards,

~Jim Bennett

State Volunteer Co-Director

Americans for Fair Taxation

-----Original Message-----

From: Molly… Continue

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FairTax Fantasy

Dear Mr. Hewitt,

I was disappointed with the content of your radio interview with your fellow Chapman University Professor, Hank Adler, on April 21, 2009 about the FairTax. I read the transcript. If your interview is indicative of the content of your book, both contain numerous straw men and material omissions, the effect of which is to mislead the audience.

I have replied previously to a piece by Mr. Adler. You can read my November 26, 2007 piece, "A Harder Look at the Fair… Continue

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My reply to Clarence Page on the McLaughlin Group

Thank you, Marilyn Rickert, for alerting Fair Tax supporters to this broadcast. Here is my letter to the McLaughlin Group sent to comments@mclaughlin.com.



Dear Sir,

I was puzzled by the comment of Clarence Page on December 27, 2008, during an airing of the McLaughlin Group, that he thinks the Fair Tax merits an award for the most stagnant idea. If Page's idea of a dynamic code is today's living breathing Leviathan, with over… Continue

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