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FairTax Calculator updated for 2016

The popular FairTax Calculator (the long name is FairTax Rate and Real Dollar Calculator) has been updated to reflect the Health and Human Services (HHS) official Poverty Level thresholds for 2016.

The new HHS poverty level thresholds were just released and those changes are now reflected in the FairTax Calculator. This year, HHS threw us a curve, but it was…


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FairTax Rate and Real Dollar Calculator

FairTaxers, how many times have you been asked by someone you are talking to about the FairTax, "What would my FairTax rate be?" I get it a lot. That's why I created the FairTax Rate and Real Dollar Calculator. It's a Flash web-widget that can be embedded on any site that you control (I.e. that will allow either "embed" or "object" code).

The calculator asks for just three inputs — 1) How many adults are in your home, 2) How many children are in your home, and 3) What is your family's…


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Congratulations, America! You finally did it!

Take a deep breath, America. You've finally worked long enough this year, to earn enough to pay your taxes for the whole year. Since the government claims first dibs on your money, this means that all of your work this year, up to now, has been for the government. But you can now start working for your own benefit.


Tax Freedom Day arrived 46 minutes after midnight, last night (April 12).


Tax Freedom Day is the…


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Here's a movie you have to see. Tell all your friends about it.…


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ActionAmerica Tax Freedom Day Clocks Updated for 2010

The Tax Foundation just announced Tax Freedom Day for 2010, as April 9. Using this new data, all of the ActionAmerica Tax Freedom Day Clocks have been up updated, to count down to or up from the newly calculated date.

The Tax Freedom Day Clocks continuously draw attention to how much of our hard work goes to fund the…

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