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The North Carolina Shred the IRS Tax Code Event

Date: August 21, 2010

Time: 12:30 to 4:30

Where: North Carolina State Fair Grounds – Jim Martin Building, Raleigh, NC

The event will feature Congressional Candidates that support the FairTax but all Candidates are welcome to attend this information session.

For more information and to REGISTER for the event go Shred the Tax Code

We are a “Grassroots Organization” and the event is…


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The FairTax and our Representatives/Candidates

This is the year to talk about and push our candidates and current reps to take a stance on the FairTax. If they tell you they are for it, ask them why and see if they can actually talk about it. Offer to help them out if they seem to need more education. If they tell you, no they do not support the FairTax, ask them to articulate why not and what do they support instead. Again, see if they can articulate what they do not like about it. They better have an answer for you. Sometimes they just…


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Grassroots Freedom Riders Spreading the Word

By Mike Bush



Riders supporting Fair Tax to visit all 48 contiguous states

ROSWELL — Mike McLean wants everyone around the continental United States to know about the Fair Tax.

So he and his wife, Carol, organized the Grass Roots Freedom Ride to let people across the country know about the proposal to replace the income tax with a consumption tax.

The McLeans were in Roswell Monday, where they met about 15 supporters,…


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July 4th Watch the First Ever FairTax TV Show!!

Make It a FairTax Fourth of July

Fireworks will color the night skies across America, replicating the “rocket’s red glare…”.

We will once again celebrate our struggle, sacrifice and determination to break away from a distant government, unfair taxes and the arbitrary and capricious rule of kings.

And in homes across the nation the FairTax will be seen and heard in our first national TV broadcast on Fox Business News at 1:30 p.m. eastern time.

Go here for a preview.…


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Kill the VAT (Valued-added Tax)!

Are you worried about the continued talk in Washington about the VAT as lawmakers look for ways to get more of your money? You should be. If the VAT comes into being, it could be the end for the FairTax. Americans for FairTaxation has made it easy for you to tell your Senators and Congressman that you don't like it and won't stand for it! Go to www.fairtax.org to the Kill the VAT banner and click on "Tell Congress". If you are a member of FairTax.org then…


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Phil Hinson Answers Congressman Shuler's FairTax Concerns

FairTax Concerns

Rob Ellsworth

Staff of Reps. Heath Shuler (D/NC) and Walt Minnick (D/ID)

1. How would you prevent the States from raising their income and sales taxes as a response to abolishing the federal income tax?

2. How would you prevent local governments from raising property taxes as a response to abolishing the federal income tax?

I will respond to these two together. Here is what we believe will happen at the state level when (not "if")…


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Sign Huckabee's Petition for the FairTax!

(Follow the link at the bottom)

Tax Day is rapidly approaching. As Americans prepare to give an unfair and growing amount of their paychecks to the Federal Government, our mission is clearer now more than ever:

Folks, it is time we put the IRS out of business.

Together we can accomplish this goal if we work hard to elect a record number of candidates to Congress this November who support the Fair Tax or who are willing to learn more about it.

But before I…


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District 11 FairTax on WLOS TV on 6:00 pm news (channel 13)

I was interviewed today by Frank Fraboni of WLOS Channel 13 this morning after he read an article on MSN about who pays taxes in America. Hope to see some of the interview on tonight's 6:00 and maybe tomorrow's early morning news.

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Harry Reid said Federal Taxes are Voluntary!

This is a older video but it certainly bears watching again. Our politicians wiggle and squirm at the thought that we might revolt against paying taxes...especially if paying them is voluntary in the first place! Watch the video at this link.


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Join the Online Tax Revolt!

This is important and fun to do. Go to this site to get it done.


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Neal Boortz to make major FairTax announcement

Neal Boortz will be making a major announcement about the FairTax during his show on Thursday, Feb. 18th - 9am to 12noon.

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Americans For FairTax National Campaign Heats Up!!

When you sign up on FairTax.org you should begin receiving weekly updates. In case you are not signed up or have not received the updates here is what Americans for FairTax (fairtax.org) is doing as a National Campaign thus far. Be sure to talk about the FairTax with everyone that you come in contact with. Hand out pocket cards or flyers you have made yourself using info directly from the FairTax site. The time is now and you are needed!!!

February 5, 2010



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Ken Hawkins explains how GOOOH.com will help us enact the FairTax


By Ken Hawkins

Revolution is on the horizon, predicts Tim Cox the founder and organizer of the GOOOH (Get Out Of Our House) political movement. Indeed no less than Thomas Jefferson advised the American people that a “Revolution” about every twenty (20) years was necessary to preserve our freedoms. The brazen audacity of the Obama Administration to replace our Capitalist economic system with a socialist system where the government… Continue

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Asheville FairTax Meeting - January 26th

$575 in our local District 11 FT account which is used for supplies and booth rental at events - new supplies to be ordered. Donations needed and welcome!!! Encourage using online Bill Payer thru your bank to make monthly donations. I give $25/mth automatically.

January 22nd - NC State Fairtax leaders met in Asheboro for annual board meeting. 12 in attendance. We are a 501c4 non-profit. There is movement among those running for the NC House who are wanting to run on a state fairtax… Continue

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Neal Boortz, our FairTax champion, has signed up to support GOOOH

Here is what Neal Boortz said on December 21, 2009:


Neal Boortz

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Yup. You folks have been sending me emails about this movement for weeks now. If you go to the Goooh website you'll see that this acronym stands for "Get Out Of Our House!" There's a quote on the website from Samuel Adams in 1776:

"If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men… Continue

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Dare to be Fair!

Click on the link to ask Charlie Rangel to schedule a hearing for the House Ways and Means Committee on the FairTax! Never let up!


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Forget about joining AARP...The American Seniors Association supports the FairTax!

If you are 50 or over and always thought you would join the AARP, you should know that you have another option available that might represent your viewpoints better. The American Seniors Association wants to see the FairTax happen! See where they stand on key issues below from their website www.americanseniors.org. Click on the About Us tab and then click to read the four pillars of ASA. One of those is the FairTax.

American Seniors… Continue

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From John Pierce, our NC State FairTax Director

Exciting and fun times are upon us.

We celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus, on December 25 followed by a New Year a week later.

A time for families to gather from far and wide and be together for a festive time. Enjoy the season, enjoy the fellowship and friendship.

The year 2010 is when we begin the hard work and heavy lifting. I am completely encouraged and energized by the prominence the FairTax has attained so far. Looking ahead

1:We have the… Continue

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The FairTax on Fox and Friends Sunday Morning!

Tim Cox of GOOOH sends this message:

I’ll be on Fox and Friends on Sunday morning at 7:50 am EST. I intend to plug the FairTax Group as a brilliant example of non-partisan patriots who have had enough of BOTH parties and the politicians who no longer represent WE the people. But, you never know how these interviews go or if you can say half the things you intend to say.

Did you hear the WGN Interview (it is available on GOOOH.com) ? I used the FairTax as my example question –… Continue

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