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Healthcare Reform.

Tort Reform:

Civil attorneys have destroyed entire industries in America. The small aircraft industry does not exist in America today because of civil suits. The country that was the first to venture into the sky and pioneered the aircraft industry was sued out of existence by trial lawyers. In the early 1980’s the last remaining small aircraft manufacturer closed its doors and left America. Anyone who has ventured into the business world in… Continue

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OBAMA-CARE AKA HR3200 is closer to becoming a reality than most Americans realize. They are going to use the Camel’s nose under the tent approach! This is a method in politics that has been used since the beginning of the Progressive Era that started with Teddy Roosevelt (Republican) and Woodrow Wilson (Democrat) at the turn of the twentieth century.

The scheme goes like this; they say that they are abandoning the public option and then proceed with a provision that says that if the… Continue

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I wrote an earlier article challenging the American people to employ economic sanctions against the federal government, for the purpose of sending a message to Washington that the American people are not going to stand by and do nothing while their country is bankrupted and destroyed by the Congress and this administration. I received quite a few replies from people who were concerned that we may also hurt our local economies and our neighbors in the process. No major battle can be fought… Continue

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