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HR-6169 - The Pathway to Job Creation through a Simpler, Fairer Tax Code Act

I have read HR6169 in its entirety and it is my opinion, and the opinion of others, that we should get behind HR 6169 for the following reasons:

1. HR6169 is co-sponsored by Congressman Rob Woodall. If there is any person in congress that we FairTaxers feel we can trust, it is Congressman Woodall. He has not steered us wrong, and if he is behind it, that's good enough reason for me.

Other co-sponsors of HR-6169 include (those Bolded are also co-sponsors of…


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Response to Dr. Bill May's "Is Fair Tax the Answer?"

Response to: http://www.cavemannews.com/IsFairTaxtheAnswer.htm

First, let me say that I have a lot of respect for Dr. May. He has a long and lustrous career behind him and has apparently done well for himself. But I disagree with his assessments on this issue and I intend to point out just where I disagree and why. I hope Dr. May gets a chance to read and respond to this, but if the more likely case…


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FairTax Splinter Groups

FairTax Splinter Groups can be found just about everywhere; on the internet and in your local communities. Facebook is the primary culprit with ~50 different pages dedicated to the FairTax, dozens of people who have created FairTax related accounts that violate Facebook's Terms of Service, and a couple dozen FairTax Groups (not to be confused with pages). There are also many FairTax groups I've found on LinkedIn, Meetup, and various websites scattered around the internet.



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Q: How can you help FairTax Nation become a sustainable resource?

It won't take much, really. There are currently fewer than 10,000 members on FairTax Nation (FTN); I'm estimating about 10% of them are active within any given month. If we all pool our own resources, each of us can do our own little part to help FTN grow.

For those of you who have little time but still want to contribute, an idea to help FTN grow would be to show up for 2 minutes once or twice per week and share your "My Page" either on Twitter or  Facebook. If your friends see that…


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FairTax Advocates Network

Please join this new FairTax Advocates Network on LinkedIn. This network of groups is all about showing our strength and helping you grow your personal network. We are hoping this will help improve local community participation in your area. http://LINKD.IN/FairTaxAdvocates

Thank you!

Best Regards,

-Robert Williams

FairTax Volunteer, TX-27

Owner, FairTax Advocates…


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FairTax: In all Fairness!

“One person’s idea of “fairness” is another person’s idea of class warfare. I say if everyone is treated equally under the FairTax law at the point of taxation, then that’s is strong evidence of Fairness. If every legal resident’s tax on necessities is prepaid, then that is strong evidence of equal treatment under law and of fairness.

Why is it fair to use a different...

Read full article here:… Continue

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As our unemployment rate hangs above 9% nationwide the loud cry for more jobs becomes more and more urgent, even angry—and legitimately so. The angry impatience of the unemployed and underemployed demands a practical response from government and industry; human compassion drives the rest of us to work for drastic improvement in the employment picture.

As Tom Braithwaite wrote... [READ FULL…


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FairTax: Repatriating Offshore $USD

The challenge of U.S. dollars being held in offshore bank accounts in an effort to avoid paying taxes on capital gains and interest has grown significantly in the past few years. Some estimates say that money is as much as $15 trillion (based on past data plus annual growth estimates) and is growing by an estimated $860 billion per year[2], resulting in billions of dollars in lost tax revenue every year. [… Continue

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The FairTax and the Debt Ceiling

The last few weeks have seen an unprecedented furor over fears that the United States would default on its obligations due to a failure to raise our $14.3 trillion limit.  As inconceivably high as that number is, the United States government considers it necessary to spend even more.

And while both sides fight over who will give on this point or that, the simple fact is that, if Congress were to pass the FairTax, not only would the whole Washington circus be unnecessary, we’d end up…


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FairTax – Expanding the Tax Base


It’s been said by those “in the know” (both Democrats and Republicans) that “the United States doesn’t need more taxes – it needs more taxPAYERS”. Here are several sources for more taxpayers: Read the Full article by…


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FairTax Prebate: Fair or Foul

The prebate is an integral part of the FairTax, and essential to one of the fundamental principles upon which the FairTax is built, namely an individual’s right to the fruits of their labors comes before any claims the federal government might have upon that person.  In other words, under the FairTax, citizens are allowed, and expected, to take care of themselves and their families first, and then, after those expenses are addressed, provide a portion of their “extra” resources to fund the… Continue

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