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Great one"ish" liners....

Alan Greenspan and Milton Friedman have both clearly uttered the expression, "Only people
pay taxes."
That, of course, means exactly as it says and that corporations, capital,
real estate, and businesses in general, do not pay taxes - they are not "people".

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Flood the PHONE LINES/Emails....

of ALL CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATES who have not endorsed the FairTax!! Thank the ones who have!!

Find out who those candidates are at:


It is TIME to get on the OFFENSIVE!

Goooo FairTax!

Give a voice to the FairTax "NOW"....congressional candidates here we come!!! Are you…


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A Meeting with my Congressman (3/13) about the FairTax!

Conclusion it went well. Will he cosponsor...that is not definate.

Since becoming a FairTax Advocate I have called his DC office and talked with his tax aide on numerous occassions. It was during one of those calls that a meeting w/my congressman was mentioned. Apparently I was put on a list and last Wednesday (3/10) got a call about a possible meeting "short notice", Thursday it was confirmed and I was to meet with him…


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How can I help Support & Promote the FairTax...

I zipped out this list and had 4 per page printed up to hand out at the Farm Bureau Trade show for 2 days. (100 copies = 400 people can get one)



• First, sign up on www.fairtaxnation.com

• Join the my state group

• Order “The FairTax Book” & read it

• Go to www.vistaprint.com & order some FairTax Business… Continue

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Samuel Adams said it so well, let the brush fires continue...

"It does not take a majority to prevail ... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." --Samuel Adams

It is in the mind that we need to prevail with the FairTax as we have all been indoctrinated with the system we currently have. To think of any other way is nothing short of hard to wrap one's mind around, hence the brushfires of freedom "in the minds of Americans" via the FairTax!!

May we NOT grow tired knowing… Continue

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Tonight the call came...

Hello, This is so and so from Congressman Hasting's and we would like you to donate $75 for his campaign. Me...choke, choke, choke...gasp, deep breath.

To which I shared I had a bone to pick and explained the FairTax and that due to his uncosponsorship of the legislation I will NOT be donating to his campaign and if there were someone running against him who endorsed the FairTax that person would have my vote.

"But he is for less spending and ... and.... and.... (Charlie'… Continue

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Letter from Congressman Hastings...

Dear Jamie:

Thank you for contacting me again regarding the "FAIR Tax". I appreciate you taking the time to share your views with me. Thank you for sharing a link to Congressman King's special order.

As I mentioned in my previous correspondence, one of my highest goals is dramatic reform and simplification of the federal tax code. Amerian taxpayers deserve a tax code they can understand. We must replace our current code with one that is simpler, fairer, more uniform, and… Continue

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GOAL 1,000+ members from Washington state HERE on FairTaxNation...

It was looking pretty grim when I became a member and there were only 2 people from WA state who were members. But ever since it has been growing...maybe not "daily" at least not YET...but today was the MOST encouraging as I logged on and not only is FairTaxNation almost at 1,000 members total Washington State Members total is at 16...double digits wooo hooooo!!! The NEXT huge question is "when" & "which" state will be the first to reach 1,000+ members?

Tell everybody!!! Even if… Continue

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