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"The Fair Tax Folly", an article by Edward Glamkowski on Facebook Group

A blog entry on Facebook by Edward Glamkowski and my response to it. This gentleman is smart and has more education than I do but I did my best to refute his arguments. Any additional help on this would be appreciated. The Facebook Group is called "Neal Boortz Listeners."

"Mr. Edward Glamkowski's arguments against the Fair Tax and the refuted sections of HR25 "The Fair Tax."

First off, I must say I totally support the abolition of the income tax. In fact, you could… Continue

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The Latest Convert to The Fair Tax

Roger Lirely becomes the latest convert to The Fair Tax. Read his story.

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I'm Mad As Hell and I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore!

That line is from the Movie Network and it exemplifies my feelings to a tee. I am especially mad as hell with Florida Governor Crist for his support and signing of a bill increasing taxes across the board on motor vehicle licenses, tags, registrations and more. What is wrong with you Governor? Have you lost your mind. People are out of work, struggling to make ends meet and you go ahead and sign a bill increasing taxes. We thought you were a Conservative, I guess we are all wrong. That must be… Continue

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Answers to the questions of a Fair Tax Opponent

Ref: http://endlessamount.com/?p=555&cpage=1#comment-2860

or http://endlessamount.com/?tag=good

Answer to the Opponent of the Fair Tax

Question: 1. If you are going to do away with the IRS, who will collect the tax. (It will still be the IRS, we’ll just give them a sweet sounding name.)

Answer: The states will collect the tax and will receive a quarter of a percent from each transaction to perform this… Continue

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Fair Tax Webinar

I just finished watching the FairTax.Org Webinar for the past 45 minutes. It was excellent and provided many answers that you might have about the Fair Tax. I would urge all FairTax Nation users to listen in next Wednesday to this Webinar. This information is available on the FairTax.Org web site. Presentation was great. Highly recommended.

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