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A Meeting with my Congressman (3/13) about the FairTax!

Conclusion it went well. Will he cosponsor...that is not definate.

Since becoming a FairTax Advocate I have called his DC office and talked with his tax aide on numerous occassions. It was during one of those calls that a meeting w/my congressman was mentioned. Apparently I was put on a list and last Wednesday (3/10) got a call about a possible meeting "short notice", Thursday it was confirmed and I was to meet with him Sat. @ 10am.

Wowza.....nervous, a bit intimidated to say the least. I know we say "they work for us", but that is easy to say an quite another thing to implement! So, I called another FairTax community coordinator in my area to see if he would go with me for moral support. "yes" ~ whew!

Our congresspersons "main" concern is that congress will pass the FairTax & "tweek" it so that at some point if the 16th Amendment hasn't been repealed they'll reinstitute the Income Tax because of the principal of not being able to bind future congresses with a bill.

I shared that "yes" that is a concern, but rather than hold back step up boldly. Make constitutents aware of concerns and find a solution.

I made him aware of the "Sunset Clause" which he was not aware of and probably just as important is the new idea of fighting the "Healthcare Bill" with the FairTax Bill.

I asked him, "By what means/tool is the "mandatory healthcare bill going to be implemented"? He didn't say any thing and then shared how many of the states were writing legislation that they would not be bound my any madatory healthcare legislation from DC. That is great that many of the states "but not all" are taking back some of their sovereignty. So I shared, why not get rid of the tool by which they are going to make the healtcare "mandatory" the TAX CODE & the 1040s and the FairTax does EXACTLY THAT!! "ding" definately saw a light go on.

So he will be going back to DC with some new information and a new idea!

There are 179 republicans and if yours is one that isn't cosponsoring maybe this is an issue with them as well.

I also tried to encourage him to be "proactive"...educate his constituents and stand up for the legislation while at the same time preparing to deal with the concern! His "cosponsorship" is not going to make the bill law, so why not stand for something?

I'm excited as I think the meeting opened the door for more dialog I intend to follow up with.

It would be VERY well for us to start putting "repealing the 16th Amendment on the forefornt of elections at our state level." This might be the added boost for congress members to pass the FairTax in DC!

Goooo FairTax!

Keep up the good work FairTax Warriors!

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