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A Quick View of the FAIR TAX ...8 Reasons to Support it Now !!

by Bernie Valentine on Friday, October 22, 2010 at 6:21am

1. EVERYONE participates !!....even tax dodgers, illegals, criminals, visitors, etc. .....EVERYONE !!

2. YOU take home your full paycheck...NO TAXES !!!

3. The FAIR tax is a VOLUNTARY CONSUMPTION Tax, you decide when & where.... & only on NEW retail purchases !!

4. BUSINESS Taxes are eliminated, costs reduced; encouraging them to return to U.S. and bring JOBS back!!

5. Since business costs are reduced, competition & free markets will allow prices to come down.

6. Tax compliance costs are gone, by eliminating IRS as well as costs of filing returns.

7. The PREBATE sent to everyone ensures that no taxes are paid on goods up to the poverty level.

8. The tax is VISIBLE....collected by the States by vendors at point of consumption.

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